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Activity centre random stories - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 664 days ago

Dreamer was once again going to the activity centre, her dad Mars was down stairs listening to some embarassing music and dancing like a fool. Dreamer was relieved because Thomas´s grandma was picking her up which meant she wouldn´t have to go in Mars´s fire engine, which she likee but felt rather embarassed. Dreamer kept looking out of the window. Penny, Thomas´s grandma seemed to be taking ages and Dreamer´s impatient nature was showing. She was looking rather annoyed out of the window and stamping her foot impatiently in a rhythm. Suddenly she heard the sound of Penny´s car. Her face lit up and her eyes went as large as saucers as she saw the shiny blue car. ´Bye Mars have a good time with your thingy ma bob..´ Mars looked at her with a huge radip next to him which didn´t even look like a radio. Dreamer grabbed her bag and raced out of the door like a racecar, if it was a race, Dreamer would come first. She smiled and waved at Thomas and his grandma and jumped into the back of the car and sat in the seat next to Thomas. The seat looked rather different though, it was transformed from a ordinary black car seat into a beautiful colourful seat which had butterflies, cats, rainbows, flowers and all kinds of pretty things patterned on it. It also said ´Dreamer´ many times and was rather pretty. Dreamer looked at it in surprise and a smile smeared across her little mouth. This made her feel happy and special. Penny turned around and said "I made that especially for you Dreamer, I hope you like it!"
"I don´t like it.... I LOVE IT!" Dreamer said with happiness and joy. Thomas smiled and said "Look at mine!" He also had a car seat made by his grandma, it was blue and was beach-themed. It had sand on it, deep blue sea, different coloured fish in all shapes and sizes with their bellies shining towards the sun and pretty little fishing boats in many variations. Dreamer smiled again. The journey seemed to go quick and as quicker than they realised, they were at the pretty colourful building, the placed they love and admired greatly, the activity centre.
-To be continued

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grate continue plese
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