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Heart of flames - first chapter
XxLiana_NightwingxX | Published 694 days ago

The Heart of Flames  

I Stare at the large building, that lay before me. It beckoned me to enter, to remember their fate. I ball my hands into a fist tightly before walking into what used to be the charming main hall to the apartment complex. 

I ever so carefully walk across the singed planks of wood that creak under my weight, threatening to collapse. I continue down the corridor to the stair case , walking up and stopping in front of a room. The number of the room no longer set upon the top of the door, but I didnt need help to know exactly where I was.  

I clench my hand around the door nob, opening it slowly. Once it was open I was faced with my worst 


(Flash back- dont you just love em?)

The fire alarms go off ringing loudly in my ears as my mother holds me tightly. She runs toward the fire escape trying to get away from the fire that licks the walls and floors of our apartment.  

My mother trips sending us both flying to the ground. I frantically look around for her, only to find her stuck beneath a large beam. 

I run to her trying to pull her out of the debris, but the beam was much to heavy for a ten year-old to move by myself. 

"GO ALLISON! QUICKLY!" My mother yell at me. Tears run down my cheeks as I continue to try and free her from her prison of flames, ignore her pleads.  

"ALLISON NOW!" My mother screams at me making me freeze, I look at her once more before running to the fire escape. 

I quickly climb down, coughing and taking raspy breaths as smoke fills my lounges. I reach the bottom of the ladder and run toward the bright flashing lights 

As soon as I get into aspect a fireman sees me. He catches my limb body as I fall on the ground in a wheezing fit. Im lifted onto a rack and taken into a ambulance that races me away from the scene. Never for me to see my home the same again. 

The memory rushes through my head making tears sting the corners of my eyes. I blind wildly ridding them of the tears. I scavenge anything that looked at least half useful, though everything looked burned to the core, not even recognizable to what it once was.  

Out of the corner of my eye I see something shimmer in the bare light of the dark room. I walk over to the ruins. A flash of pain crosses my eyes when I see parts of a giant wooden beam scattered over the top of the pile.  

I rummage through the pile, pushing the beams away only to find a necklace. It was in the shape of heart, with a letter on the middle.  

"M" I mutter quietly scanning it carefully. The outside of the metal was burnt but other wise was in pretty good shape. 

I take off my own necklace fitting them together. A perfect match. So it was just as I thought. This was the last remaining item left to remind me of my mother. It forced me to remember the night I had fled. Her screaming at me to leave her there, it had thorn me apart, the guilt piercing my heart every time I thought of her. I could see the clear image of her in my mind, this very necklace clipped around her neck. 

hear her words replaying in my mind as I remember when she had given me this necklace.  

"Liapeshka, I love you so very much, but one day Ill have to leave this place. When I do, dont be sad, move on with your life just... dont forget about me ok?". 

I slouch over pulling my legs to my chest, holding myself tightly as I cry. I clutched the necklaces close to my heart. 

My only family was gone. 

 And they were NEVER coming back. 

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