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The Hell Stone: Our Time On Earth - first chapter
Neko-Neko | Published 90 days ago

A/N: Not Sebastian from Black Butler, but feel free to think that and read it in his voice xD

In Hell

Third Person

"And what do i own the pleasure of seeing you, Mrs.Jackson?" said a demon, sitting at his desk with smirk on his face. Molly Jackson scowled. "You killed her" The older male demon looked amused. "And so if i did, she was a problem". "You took her away from my life and you tortured her!".  "Why would I do that now?". Molly closed her fist and her raven eyes glowed. "Sebastian, I will kill you...". The demon teleported behind Molly. "Are you darling, it seems to be your just bluffing~" Sebastian whispered in her ears. "Besides Nori, didnt you like to see her dead, oh i dont know, over 150 years ago?". "Its Molly" the dark haired girl said. "No, thats your human name, this is your real name, Nori" Molly gritted her teeth. "You see Nori, im just a simple demon like you, who has very strong powers like you and can look sexy at the same time~" Sebastian purred.  "Get a life" Molly threw a punch and hit Sebastian stomach. "A bit touchy today, arent we?". "Well Nori, I have good news, we can send you back to earth with your little boyfriend, or you can stay with me~" Molly rolled her eyes and stomped out the room. Lord, no Hell knows that she will not wast a other minute on that stupid, strong, demon. 

Nori (Molly) POV

I slam the table it breaks in half. I fix my hair, and made sure that it was still blonde, and short. Of Course, I would love to have light purple, flowing long hair, but its a lot to hear from parents. I open the fridge and grab a Demon Delight, a candy bar that is delicious, to demons only of course. I much on the chewy souls and chocolate, since i been in the human word, I dont want to shorten there population, but there always breeding, so its fine, i think. I swallow the last piece of the chocolate bar and go into my room and see a present on my bed. "Happy Birthday,Nori!" I cringe at that name, but its my parents. "Mom, its Molly, and thank you so much!" I say. I see no pain or shocked in my mother eyes when i tell her my Human name that i like so much. She smiles. "Im sorry, but i love Nori, so while your here can you please allow me to call you Nori?" my mother asked. He purple haired flowed past her waist, and her orange eyes lit up. I groan playfully. "Oh, fine!". I opened up the present and gasped. It was a necklace i always wanted. "Thank you so much!" i gasped. "I can´t believe you!" 

More to come!

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Haha, sorry Kitten, i´ll fix that <3
Updated 87 Days ago
I munch on the .... "and so if I did....Better; "So I did.. "Are you darling"...better. "Will you darling?"
Updated 90 Days ago
Just a tip on doing dialog; Every time a character speaks, start by indenting the line, and then use quotation marks. you can check my" Mega Boys From Outer Space" to see how I did it,
Updated 90 Days ago

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