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Portal GX - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 217 days ago

In a small room in a large facility, a young teenager named with brown hair named Jaden Yuki opened his brown eyes as he groaned. "Wh-Where am I?" He asked himself. "Whats going on?!" He tried to sit up, but he instead slammed his forehead against the glass above the bed he was sleeping in. He rubbed his forehead as he said "Wow, that hurt!" The glass opened up, and he finally got up. He looked down on himself to notice that he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. "What am I wearing?!" He asked himself. He looked around to see he was trapped in a see-through cage while music played on a radio that was on a little table near the toilet. "Hey! Stupid mortal!" A voice said. Jaden yelped, and said "Dad?! Is that you?! Oh, I knew youd come for me!" The Jaden lookalike named Haou or better known as The Supreme King who was locked in a see-through cage like his light half is facepalmed himself, and said "Genius! Its me! Haou!" Jaden looked to his left, and stared in shock as he said "Haou?! But how is this possible! You were sent to the stars at Dark World! And for that matter, how did you manage to get your own body?"

"Jaden, you must realize that the darkness never dies, and whether you like it or not, I AM a part of you." Haou said in a very cold tone. "As for the second question, I have no idea. Its a little vague, but I do believe that somehow, they transfered a dark piece of your soul, and placed it in an empty vessel. Now tell me, what happened?" "Well, the last thing I remember is that I came to the place to test out a new duel disk from Kaibacorp, and then, I was knocked out by a rag dipped in chloroform." Jaden said. "So, how are we gonna get out of here?" Haou asked. "We?" Jaden asked in disgust. "Whats this we stuff?! You ruined my life when you made me kill alot of people for the Super Polymerzation card! Im escaping alone! You can rot for all I care!" Haou sighed, and said "That temper is severely wasted on you." Jaden just glared at him as Haou said "Look, I dont like you and you dont like me. But we have to work together in order to escape from this place. You cant do this alone, and niether can I."

Jaden frowned at that statement, and he sighed as he said "Fine." "Good." Haou said. Just then, a female voice rang out "Hello. And again welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one." "No!" Jaden said. "It was not pleasant!" "Your specimen has been processed, and we are now ready to begin the test proper." The voice said. "Before we start however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all enrichment center activites, serious injures may occour. For your own safety, and the safety of others, please refrain from-." She was interrupted by a buzzing sound, and spoke in Spanish. Both Jaden and Haou had no idea what she was saying. Then, the voice finally spoke English as she said "Stand back. The portal will open in three, two, one." Just then, two portals on the cages opened, and Jaden gasped as he said "I can see myself! But, wait. How can I be there, and here at the same time?" "Thats because it IS you, you idiot!" Haou said. "Oh, right." Jaden said. Haou sighed in dismay, and both he and Jaden jumped through the portals, and they ran out of the room.

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