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Popularity - first chapter
Squad_Emmy12 | Published 158 days ago

 Mom was always one for popularity. She wanted to make me popular and have only the coolest friends. This started in preschool. Mom had already decided I couldn’t call her ‘Mommy’. She claimed it sounded babyish. I was 3 years old! Every other kid in my preschool class would run up to their mom’s screaming “MOMMY!”. I walked up to my mom, keeping a steady pace. I didn’t show it, but I was happy. Preschool was the worst. Ms. Bernest smiled too much and always let us be wild animals. “Leanna.” Mom nodded at me. “Mom.” I smiled tightly. Ms. Bernest walked up to us. “Mrs. McGusto, may I speak with you.” Ms. Bernest smiled at Mom. “I’m afraid not. Leanna has a audition for becoming the Frizzley’s toddler.” Mom said. Frizzley’s was the big thing in preschool. They were these little chocolate eggs with toys inside. The last Frizzley’s toddler was fired for picking her nose during a live interview.. I did not want to be the Frizzley’s toddler but Mom didn’t care. “Oh , well i am going to schedule a parent-teacher conference for sometime this week or next week.”Ms. Bernest had said. “I am very busy with all of Leanna’s activities, Ms. Bernest. It may be awhile til I am able too.” Mom stared at Ms. Bernest , as if she was challenging her. I don’t remember the rest of that conversation or the Frizzley’s audition. All I know is that I was not the Frizzley’s toddler. And the way Mom yelled at me when I didn’t make it. And that is that.

Table of contents:

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