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The Prince And The Singer - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 14 days ago

It was a bright and sunny day in Paris, France, and everyone was going about their buisness. A white limo was driving in the streets, and the inside of the limo had a cabinet with red wine in a bucket, and three wine glasses. An eighteen-year old girl with shoulder-length pink hair, bright yellow eyes filled with worry and anxiety, wearing a pink shirt, purple jacket and skirt, pink stockings, and boots with white bootlaces, large gold earrings, and a white pear necklace with a pink gem in the center named Callidora Yuki was sitting in the back of the limo. In her hand, she was holding a gold bracelet with a ruby, a sapphire, and an emerald on it. Two silent and brawny men with brown hair and eyes, wearing black suits and shoes were sitting in between her to keep her from escaping. "Aw, man! This can´t be good!" Callidora thought to herself as her fear grew. "Where are they taking me?! A police cell? To court?! How did I ever get myself into this mess?!" At that moment, she started to think back to where it all began in her mind.

-4 hours earlier-

In Japan, Callidora was in her bedroom, packing her things she needed for her trip. She was going on a trip to Paris, France with her cousin, Halima Seguchi, and their best friend, Sakari Nakano. Her uncle, Mika Seguchi was sending them there to sign a deal at Record Makers, and they would get a two-week vacation to do whatever they want. Her mother, Shuichi Shindou walked into the bedroom, and wailed in dismay as he said "I can´t believe this! My baby girl is all grown-up, and now she´s going to Paris to sign a deal at a record company!" Callidora just giggled as she shook her head, and said "Aw, come on, mom! It´s only gonna be a couple of weeks! And I´ll be back before you know it!" "Oh, we´ll know it, all right." Her father, Eiri Yuki said as he walked in on them. "Just by hearing your loud and annoying voice." Callidora pouted at that remark, and said "Aw, come on, dad! You don´t need to say it like that!" Suddenly, she heard her IPhone ring, and she looked at it to see the alarm beeping, reminding her that she needs to get down stairs, and meet up with her band members, and her uncle.

"Oh, shoot!" She said as she put her yellow backpack on her back, and grabbed her black suitcase. "I gotta go!" Before she took off, Eiri Yuki stopped her, and held her by the shoulders as he said "Wait." He gently kissed her forehead, and said "Be safe, ok?" Callidora smiled, and said "Don´t worry, I will. Bye mom! Bye dad! I love you!" She then ran out of her apartment, ran down the stairs, and ran up to the black limo. She opened the door, and went inside as she sat down. As the limo took off to the airport, Mika said "Glad you could join us." "What took you so long?!" Halima Seguchi who had long brown hair with a purple ribbon on it, green eyes, wearing a teal shirt, magenta jacket, midnight blue jeans, blue boots, and a silver necklace with a blue gem at the center said. "As the lead singer of The Wild Sakura band, it´s your responsibility to be on time!" "I was packing!" Callidora said. "And stop worrying! We´ll be just fine." "Your cousin is right, Halima." Mika said. "So stop taking this so seriously." "Yes, father." Halima said. "I just can´t wait to be in Paris!" Sakari Nanako who had brown hair, silver eyes, wearing a purple shirt, blue jacket, purple jeans and boots, gold earrings, and a crystal-blue necklace said. "The people of France will be able to hear our music."

Moments later, they arrived at the airport, and they got their suitcases and backpacks from the trunk. "Now, Halima, take good care of your cousin, and your friend, ok?" Mika said. "Don´t get seperated." "Ok, dad." Halima said. Mika then smiled, and said "I´m so jealous. You girls are going to Paris, and have fun!" "We gotta go." Halima said. "Bye dad." As they started to leave, Mika said "Bye, girls." They waited for their turn, and they were able to drop off their suitcases, and they went to the waiting area. After waiting for two hours, they boarded their plane, and they were on their way to Paris. Two hours later, they arrived at the airport in Paris. They left the plane, and went over to the luggage drop-off to wait for their luggage to arrive. As they waited, a man with brown hair, and eyes wearing a black suit, trenchcoat, hat, sunglasses, socks, and shoes bumped into Callidora, and she fell to the floor. As the man took off running, she got up, and said "Hey! Watch where your going!" He didn´t respond, and just like that, he left. "Well, that was just plain rude." Halima said. "Who was that guy?" Sakari asked. They shrugged, and when their luggage came in, they picked them up. As they walked to the exit to catch a cab, Callidora said "What do you girls wanna do while were here?" "Well, first, we have to check into a hotel." Halima said. "Aw, man." Callidora said as she pouted. Suddenly, she tripped on something, and she screamed as she fell.

Halima and Sakari helped Callidora up as Sakari said "Are you ok?" "I´m fine." Callidora said. "But what did I just trip over?" They looked down to see a gold bracelet with a ruby, a sapphire, and an emerald on it as Halima said "It looks like a bracelet." Callidora picked it up, and examined it as she said "Oooh. It looks so pretty and valuable." "The guy who bumped into you must have dropped it." Sakari said. "Maybe. Or somebody dropped it on the way out." Callidora said. "I know. I´ll hold onto it. That way, if the person who lost it comes to claim it, I´ll give it to him or her." "Very smart." Halima said as Calidora placed the bracelet on her wrist. They walked out of the airport to get a cab to the hotel they were gonna stay at, only to pause when a white limo pulled up to them. Then, two men got out, and walked up to them. "Miss, are you the one with the bracelet?" The man named Bob asked looking at Callidora. "Uh....yes?" She answered in confusion. "I´m afraid you´ll have to come with us." The other man named Dave said. Before Callidora could do anything, Bob and Dave grabbed her, and started carrying her to the limo. She thrashed around as she tried to get away from the two men, and said "Hey! PUT ME DOWN! I said put me down! GIRLS, HELP!" Halima and Sakari tried to help, but Dave looked at them as he said "If you interfere, you will be arrested!" They placed her in the limo, and Dave took the suitcase. The limo then took off as Sakari said "What just happened?"

-Present Time-

Moments later, the limo had come to full and complete stop. Bob and Dave then hussled Callidora out of the car as she said "Ow! Hey! Watch it!" She looked ahead, and gasped in awe. She was looking at a grand palace with a large fountain, and colorful flowers blooming. Bob and Dave then rushed her to the large gate as Callidora said "Hey! Quit shoving me!" Bob and Dave then spoke to the guards at the gate, and took off in a hurry as Callidora said "H-Hey! Wait a minute!" The gate then swung over, and a man in a butler outfit stood there as he said "I have been waiting for you." "Who-Who are you?" Callidora asked. "My name is Ivan." Ivan said. "I am the butler of the palace." "Oh. Hi." Callidora said. "His majesty, Tamir is dying to meet you." Ivan said. "Please walk this way." "His ma...WHAT?!" Callidora asked in shock as she followed Ivan down the hall, unaware of what´s in store for her.

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