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rap- separate lives - first chapter
Maddieizagg | Published 384 days ago

So close but yet so far - Dont tell me this is how its gonna be soon as we split Clem off with the scene hardly call this the best remedy me love sick while clems a celebrity even though we turned sour from sweet i still feel we had chemistry if this aint opposites attract i dont know if we too different of too similar but us together we like too components too chemicals that caused a corrosion didnt quiet mix so we caused a kaboom instead of bonding caused an explosion so close but yet so far now i dont really know what we are.I cant believe Neros energy is he jealous of me whats he not telling me maybe it wasnt chemistry kabooming us apart maybe it was fate and im born to lose and she was born to be a star we live in different lives we stuck in different tracks  my limit is the sky i gotta face the facts what we had is over and we cant rewind all thats left is that felling hurting deep inside.

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