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RAP-FOCUS - first chapter
Maddieizagg | Published 384 days ago

How do i knuckle down attention span is up and down gotta get focused gotta stay focused like there aint no time for the jokers aint knowing this gotta get what you gotta get gotta get focused let me just check my phone first any messages no it just got worse police swat team - come out with your hands up please put down the phone i repeat. OK OK let me just send this tweet imma get a re-tweet man im in knee deep i gotta stay focused ooh look a peach tree...Theres only one thing worth having in this world in this world in this wide wide world  success from the work that i put in. If im focused im focused im focused ye block off the outside world no distractions imagine a life with no challenges no satisfaction so i work to stay focused gotta stay focused. Ye they cant ruin my dreams i bet they are outside climbing trees not a care in the world i wonder what it feels like to not care at all and do what you like it must be stress free Stop it you got to stay focused cant do bogus work like that joker hes just hopeless all his works erroneous im making an effort to learn these notes read these books and memorize these  quotes its so tough and my mind wants to wander but i gotta stay fo- fo gotta stay focused gotta stay -- 

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