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How to rap lesson 3 - first chapter
Aye_itzmaddyg | Published 104 days ago

Zoe-Marie: How you guys doing im Zoe-Marie and this is Nathan the genius behind  of all the raps and songs through-out the books.

Nathan: And we are here to show you some of the skills it takes to be a good rapper now the place we are gonna start with is the story you wanna tell in your rap.

Zoe-Marie: You know the story usually evolves around what it is you like to say so is there something that bothers you or maybe there is just something you really wanna achieve.

Nathan:Sure maybe there is something that is stopping you what are you gonna do about it  and what would the end result be?And why does it matter?

Zoe-Marie:Exactly once you start to get all of these little bits of pieces you combine em together and that forms your story.Getting you from the start . To the finish.Its that simple.

Nathan: Shall we show em how its done?

Zoe-Marie: # I had this crush for a while now so why lie throw my watch out of the window and let the time fly waiting for the bell to ring so i can fill her in. 

Nathan:#So what you waiting for?

Zoe-Marie:#The right time.

Nathan:#There never is.Just gotta pluck up the courage to  say hi and smile.Whats the worst that could happen?

Zoe-Marie- He runs a mile. Or it could go the other way and he smiles back.

Nathan:#In life you gotta take risks just like that.

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Norman Thundercliffe :)
Updated 55 Days ago

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