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How to rap lesson 2 - first chapter
Aye_itzmaddyg | Published 104 days ago

Nathan: Zoe-Marie?Zoe-Marie??What you doing?

Zoe-Marie: Im breathing i thought you said that was the rap element we were gonna talk about.

Nathan: Ye i was thinking more about how you control your breath.

Zoe-Marie:Oh right now i get it, when your breath stinks we are gonna talk about how to control it like when you are rapping in front of all your fans. So whats the solution sir?Mouthwash- gum -mints?

Nathan: Its not an odor issue Zoe-Marie.

Zoe-Marie: Isnt it sir?

Nathan: No#its all about knowing exactly when to breathe so you can hit every single rhyme you hit with ease.You know if you ever breathe in the wrong place it could  throw the whole flow of your song mate.See just like that.All of a sudden the whole track falls flat.Some people try to rap but without breathing at all.Which is risky because without a gap your set up for your fall your throat will go dry and your lungs just might explode- breathing is a part of the rhythm that you get we take it for granted because we breathe when we sleep.

zoemarie: #So you have to breath every time you reach the end of every line.Just in case you aint got enough gotta stop and fill up your lungs?

Nathan: #Well no not exactly.You gotta try and let the breath flow naturally so the whole rhyme flow sounds even and you dont really have to breath till you need it.And when a breath goes depends more a less or where the flow ends not always in the same place end of each line stick it in the middle you can still keep time.

Zoe-Marie: So breathing is more important in raps because without breathing you couldnt even chat. I wont take breathing for granted sir so let me take a breath and check out reverse.My names Zoe-Marie you cant beat me im sleepy ye! Oh your breath stinks sir!! 

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Norman Thundercliffe :)
these books are good
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