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School for the Supernatural - first chapter
Daci | Published 22 days ago

Walking down the streets with my suitcase, I thought of the question that always was a burden to my mind in my mind, "What am I?" I guess that question led me to this:

I was eating dinner with my foster family. Honestly, you already have 2 kids, what´s the point of me being your child? But I didn´t care much. As I was eating, my foster dad was chatting about my grades. "Hayden you are failing!" So what? School was made for hell. But he started to complain, saying I was worthless, saying that I was the worst. I kicked the table, my foster sister, Ayane, punched my arm. "Hayden!" I flipped the table and left the dining room. I kicked open my door and sighed, I took out my grandmother´s journal and started to work on the unfinished project. You see, my grandmother was a mechanic. Except, the day she died was on my 7th birthday, she gave me that journal and her diary. I then fell in love with mechanism. I want to do what my grandmother did a long time ago, but I just don´t know. Then I heard a knock, "Honey?" It was mom. She was pretty average for a mom. I didn´t hate her, I just didn´t want her for a mom. I locked the door and laid down on the bed, sighing. "Hayden, it´s me, your mother, may I come in?" I unlocked the door, then showed my middle finger. I then slammed the door shut and locked it, and went back to reading my grandmother´s journal. Then I could hear my parents fight, I can´t even get at least rest or something!? I unlocked the door and screamed, "SHUT UP!" But it was weird, my voice was so deep, it was almost terrifying. "Hayden . . .?" Mom was horrified, my little foster brother started to cry. "GET OUT!" Screamed my foster dad. I knew that whatever made me sound like that, means that I can´t show it to others. So I went (not finished)

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