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Stay The Same - first chapter
Ebony ThunderCliffe ;) | Published 451 days ago

Short Story! 

Who Is He?

Once Upon a time, there was a maid named Eboni. Eboni had black hair, usally fluffed, or in braids. Today she had her hair out. "Oh how I WISH something will happen" Eboni mumbled while cleaning. She wasnt really pretty at all to be honest. She was a very dark skin color, and she and little bumps across her nose that she thinks are freckles and,she is a little over weighted. Eboni started humming What The Hell She loved that song. But then somekid came in with mud all over him. Eboni groaned. "COME ON KID,REALLY DID YOU HAV-" The boy looked at Eboni in a weird,interesting way that made Eboni shut up. "Oh,im soo sorry, Im Prince Norman" the young Prince said, bowing. ~Are You seriuous?!~ Eboni thought, no way this KID, CHILD, BOY, is a Prince, who bowed to NON ROYALTY! Eboni just had to let out a small laugh. He smiled. Eboni smiled back. Maybe, just maybe they could be friends. 

Chapter 1-Finish

Chapter 2

Princess Brat

Norman POV

Wow, Just wow. I didnt accept to see a maid,well this one. We never really met. I tried to talked to her but she rushed away saying she needed to tend something. She was funny. She smiled at me and I let out a big toothy grin. I think to my self about how she looks like sponge bob, with her two front teeth with a teeny gap. My best friend, James walked into the room and hugged the girl. "Hiya Norman! This is Eboni!" i waved, and i saw her hold back a other laugh. The someone appearerd. "Nooooooorrrrrrrrrmmmmmmaaaaannn~~~" she sing songed. Rebecca? Rebecca came over to me and hugged me. Eboni didnt really care and went back to cleaning. ;-; nuh. "Do you want to take a bath with me~~?" Rebecca asked. Cringe. "I think im good, Rebecca!" i say. James laughed a little. Lol, Rebecca frowned and glared towards Eboni. Then she spilled the mop water Eboni was using to clean the castle floors. "...." Eboni didn´t look at Rebecca but i knew she was very mad. "Rebecca why did you do that?" I asked. She looked at me and walked away. 

Chapter 2-Finish

Chatper 3

Someone Likes Chu

Eboni POV

I HATE THAT GIRL HOW DARE SHE! I mentally yelled in my mind. Princess-,No Rebecca was such a snotty brat and i HATE HER.  I stomped my foot in the wet puddle that Rebecca has caused. What did I do? After cleaning that horrid mess, I stomped into my room. But it was not the same "What the.." i said out loud, expecting someone to hear me. My room was now a light purple, a normal size bed with a My Little Pony cover. A trolls pillow that was really long, tons of stuff animals,a huge T.V, a tabet and a computer, last but not least, a dog. I squealed. I flomped on my bed rolled around, and fell of. Did i care, Nope. I looked at the dog who stared at me. "Princess.." i whispered. She kept starring. I titled my head. "Onix?" She seemed to under stand that name and jump on my bed, and rolled around like the cute dog she is. I notice the breed right away. A Doberman pincher. (Not done xD)

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Norman Thundercliffe :)
I love it moreee 😊
Updated 448 Days ago

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