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Mr. PlayBoy - first chapter
Neko-Neko | Published 32 days ago

"Jasmine,today i am going to tell you of Mr.Playboy" my mother said. I looked at her confused. "Mr.Playboy, is a very bad man" Mother whispered. "He will steal your heart and tear at it!, he won´t stop, even after he leaves you"  she hisses. "Momma?" i ask confused. "Darling, he is out there and he won´t stop he would never stop until a new generation starts. With his child, from one lucky woman,not lucky at all because he never shows her love."  My mother looks angry. She looks hurt. She looks scared.. I take her hand. "It´s ok Momma, i won´t  date Mr.WayBoi" i say. She smiles. "Thank You" she whispers. 

A/N: Oh Wow You didn´t that this book was going to be starring Jasmine right? NOPE WE ARE STARRING Ryan. The Playboy! ;) BTW. MalexMale See yaaa

Ryan POV

"Ryan, i love you!" a blonde hair girl confessed to me on a Friday. I smiled. "Do you Nina?" i ask, putting my hands on her  hips. She jumped at the sudden movement. "I, I uh do!" she stammered. I kiss her on the lips and remove her glasses. "Then let´s do what lovers do" i whisper in her ear. Im in my bed with the blonde girl, Nina. Im counting how many people i slept with this week. How many hearts i broken in a day and how many committed suicide in a hour.  I look at Nina, she is pretty cute. I´ll problury keep her for a few days. Then move on to some other bitch. I stretch and pull out my phone and text a side hoe. She replies instantly. 

Mr.Only: Hey Monica

Monny: Hey!

Mr.Only: What are you doing?

Monny: Thinking of you while watching p*rn" 

Mr. Only: Thats Gud ;)

God, despite slut. I can´t believe i text her but then once again, she´s hot. I know she has a boyfriend so her texting me this,she going get triple heart broken. Heh,don´t care 

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