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Kindness - first chapter
Fell!Goth(Female) | Published 309 days ago

Skylar was riding her bike home from school she was eager to finish her homework so she can spend time with her cool family her aunts and uncles are coming for dinner. Skylar was almost home when she saw a girl with a torn shirt and pants she had short knotted black hair. Skylar pulled over beside the girl who she guessed was about 13. Her pulling over frightened the girl. She slowly began walking backwards she tripped and fell. Skylar started walking towards her the girl’s eyes began to water Skylar held her hand out and said “Hey! I’m Skylar but you can call me Sky! Are you ok?” the girl grabbed Skylar’s hand and smiled slightly “I-I’m L-Lora and… I-I’m fine” said the girl “Uh ok? Are you sure you seem hurt…” Skylar said pulling Lora off the ground “Y-yeah I’m fine.” Lora said with a fake smile “Uh ok umm where are your parents?” Skylar asked with a concerned face “Umm… I guess you could say I don’t have any… where are yours?” Lora said not stuttering for once “Oh No I’m late!!!!!” Skylar yelled getting on her bike she held her hand out and said “Come on let’s go meet my family!” Skylar said happily smiling Lora looked at her hand and timidly grabbed it getting on her bike.

5 minutes later

“We’re here!” Skylar exclaimed smiling happily “Umm ok.” Lora said her voice still sounding kind of timid. Skylar happily grabbed Lora’s hand and walked fast towards the door she opened the door there was a tall woman with long straight blonde hair and greenish yellow eyes and a shirt that said ‘Get dunked on!’ with a skeleton with a blue hoodie and black basketball shorts beside her was what looked to be the skeleton from the shirt his right eye socket glowing blue beside him was a young woman with medium length curly blonde hair “Skylar!! Where were you we were so worried!!” the skeleton shouted with worry in his voice Skylar let go of Lora’s hand to go hug the skeleton “I’m sorry daddy I found Lora and she looked like she needed help so I talked to her and brought her here!” Skylar said with happiness in her voice the woman with long straight hair came running towards Skylar.



So did the young girl with the curly blonde hair. Lora was in the back ground tears coming to her eyes she wished her family loved her the way Skylar’s family loved Skylar. “Sweetie what you did was very kind but you don’t just go up to people and talk to them what if it was someone who was willing to hurt you.” The woman with a long straight blonde hair said with tears forming in her eyes “I’m sorry Mama I just got worried she looked hurt what if I did not come and someone hurt her more?” Skylar said looking at Lora that had a tear rolling down her face the skeleton wiggled his way out of the hug his eye was still slightly blue he walked towards Lora. Lora backed against the wall “Heya kiddo I’m sans you must be Lora.” Sans said to Lora in freakishly dark tone “Y-yes sir I’m L-Lora it’s nice to meet you…” Skylar ran towards Sans “Daddy… it’s ok I’m fine she didn’t do anything it’s my fault I’m late not hers!” Skylar pleaded to her over protective father “N-no it’s my fault if I was not on the streets you would not have tried to help…” Lora stuttered Sans’s eye began glowing again but this time it was much more visible then he said in a deep voice “Skylar take Lora and you two go to your room please…” the tall woman with straight long hair raced toward sans she placed her forehead on his whispering things like “It’s ok Sansy” and “Calm down” after a few minutes of this Sans grabbed the woman’s hands and said “I’m fine Makayla…” Skylar grabbed Lora’s hand and dragged her to her room

Table of contents:

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