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Gingernut: The Beginning - first chapter
lallet | Published 17 days ago

It was an average, regular day for most. But for me, it was fabulous. I felt like running across the grassy plains in my hometown of Cardiff. Its the capital city of  Wales. You know, that country with that reptile thing on its flag (I think its a dragon) and next to England. Butterflies were flying. Bees didnt sting. Woodlice didnt curl up into balls and roll away. Instead, they rubbed the safe parts of their black shells against my fur. Life was happy until...

"SIS! SIS!" 


 It couldnt be.


"You do know I was in the middle of a good dream!" I shouted.

"Well, in that case, GO BACK TO SLEEP!" my sister answered back. Her name is Chinchee. We dont have much in common, for example shes 7 human years old and Im only 6 human months old (those ages are 16 in chinchilla years and 14 in hamster years) So, me and Chinchee are siblings. We live in what you may call a "pet shop" in the outer suburbia of Cardiff. But we dont see it as a "pet shop" like you do. We see it as an orphanage. Wanna know the full story? Then here it is...

It started when I was just a regular ham, living in America. I lived in a fancy mansion in Los Angeles. We needed to go to London for the BRITs; my owners mum had been nominated for Favourite Female Artist. We went by plane. We were just about to pass Cardiff when the engines thrust broke. We crashed, causing my owner and his parents to die.I was heartbroken, and then Nazeem (the girl who owns the pet shop) took me into care.

Chinchee has another story. She lived with a regular man and woman in a New York City apartment. Their 6-year-old daughter wanted a pet. She was on a residential when Chinchee was adopted. Unfortunately, when their daughter returned, she wasnt happy, and thus the poor chinchilla was abandoned. She cried all the way to a harbour in Brooklyn, where she boarded a boat that took pet food to the British Isles. The rest of the story is too gruesome to reveal.

Lets go back to now. I tried to look cute so I could get adopted, while Chinchee scratched one of the turtles shells. Then, it happened. 

"What happened?" you may ask. 

Well, it was happinesss doom.

It was the death of all good things.

It was when the pet shop set on fire.

Nazeem was getting her coffee, when she accidentally set the temperature to 240 degrees Centigrade/Celsius/whatever other people call it. 

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