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The Secret Of The Christmas Gem - first chapter
Cdilworth | Published 186 days ago

Chapter One

One day a little girl of 9 years, called Ava, was sitting on her porch with her older  brother, Dave. They were very surprised when they saw a streak of light flash across the sky. 

"What was that?" Asked Ava.

"Probably just lightning," said Dave. "We should go inside."

"No. It was something different," said Ava, who was very stubborn.

"If it was, its probably not for us."

"Cmon! We have to check it out!"





"Fine. Lets go."

The burst of light was shining again, so Ava and Dave followed it.

"I dont see anything," said Dave when they reached their destination.

"Lets feel then," said Ava, who was still positive there was something there.

They felt the ground for a while, and then Dave said, "See? I told you- there is no-


There was a hole. A big one.

"DAVE? DAVE?!" Ava screamed. What was she going to do?

There was only one thing she could do. 


She plunged through the darkness. Instantly she saw her brother´s face. He was a little dazed from the fall.

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It´s good continue writing pweez
Updated 170 Days ago

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