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Words and Feelings - first chapter
Ebony ThunderCliffe ;) | Published 498 days ago

He was my best friend....I told him all my secrets,my pain and weakness. Then he turned on me. What did i do to deserve him to do this to me? What was even worth him getting out of this...... I walked to school in my normal school outfit. The short skirt and my over sized pink sweater. My brown braided hair bounced as a walked to school. I looked to my side and frowned. He wasnt there. I slap both my cheeks to get over it. Hes gone theres no need for him anymore. I was a couple blocks away when i got shoved from behind. I almost fell. I turned around. ......... i couldnt speak. Why would he even do this to me?  My eyes stared in horror as he kissed Pre,my crush.  I turned around and started running looking down i started crying. Mimo? i heard Pre yell after me. I kept running. What did he even want from me!? I reached school red eyed and out of breath. I walked in to go to my locker. I opened it and there was a note me and him wrote 5 years ago. It read. If one should not confess our love everyday,then we shall not live~  Want did that mean?!. I got pushed onto the locker. My cheek and body was pressed against it. I looked who it was. Hey,missed me? he asked. .... i didnt speak to him. Crowds came over. Bitch,talk i looked back to the locker. He grabbed my sweater to throw me down. I fell this time. Tears stared forming. Aww,are you bout to cry,little Mimo is about to cry? He kicked me. Your so disgusting,kill yourself,lesbians dont matter anyway The pain hit my stomach and my heart. Sometimes I wonder....if i should kill myself. Mimo! Pre gasped. I got up to be shoved down again. What do you want Luke?? i asked me. For you to die he hissed. Pre grabbed my arm and helped me up. Im fine Pre i said trying not to yell I LOVE YOU again like last time. Really,your bleeding She said looking at my scraped knee. Pre,get away she is a lesbian. Luke said grabbing Pre. I grabbed my books. Luke,your a child,a stupid child,you will never be happy! i yell. I run away before he can hit me. 

Table of contents:

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Ebony ThunderCliffe ;)
O3O omg thank chu
Updated 494 Days ago
Updated 498 Days ago

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