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How Well Do You Know Your Music? - first chapter
Evil Necropolis Wolf | Published 48 days ago

What to expect:

Its a quiz book about music.  ITS ONLY FOR FUN, IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU LOSE! 

Heres how it works:

I play a random song, have lyrics written down, or have facts; you have to pick the right title, band/singer/group, and album. For the facts you have to choose which one is right. 

Just say your answer in the comments; Ill put the choices in the chapter.

How you lose:

You look up the lyrics/titles/bands/groups/singers/facts, youll get no points.

If you ask others, me, or Predator; youll get no points. 


Me or Predator can say if youre right or not. Well just say your score.

example: You have 3 points, one answer is not right; or you have 1 point other answers are not right.

You get 1 point for titles being right

You get 2 points for bands/singers/groups and their titles being right

You get 1 point for bands/singers/groups being right

You get 3 points for titles, bands/singers/groups and facts being right

You get 1 for facts being right

You get 4 points for bands/singers/groups, their titles, facts, albums, lyrics being right

You get 1 point for lyrics being right

There is a bonus point for bonus questions, theyre worth about 5 points.


1 place: Ill like one of your books and make you custom book covers.

2 place: Ill make you custom book covers.

3 place: Ill like one of your books.

Table of contents:

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Evil Necropolis Wolf
It´s a good thing you told me, I was so tired. I´ll fix it.
Updated 48 Days ago
Predator Blood Scorn
Evil, you missed the word "up" when you were typing fast or falling asleep.
Updated 48 Days ago

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