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White Eyes (Preview) - first chapter
shade.exe | Published 478 days ago

The air was warm as the sun stared down on me as i walked. Chariton was peaceful as ever, children running around, farmers tending to their crops. Just the same thing everyday and it was a perfect day. Everyone was always so nice to me considering im different than them. Im a cat, but not an actual cat, im a mefwa. I have ears and a tail, not to mention claws. When i go outside the village some people stay away from me because my hair, ears, and tail are black. People even say im a witch because i use magic and potions. Im not bad luck, everything is perfect and everyone treats me like family. This is where i grew up for 17 years and its my home.
I stepped into thee village pub and sat down at the bar. The bartender headed my way, washing a glass. "Well hello Miss Lilly how you doin pretty lady." He smiled at me. "Just fine thank you." He poured some milk into a glass and handed it to me. "Here you go." I would always drink some milk when i came to the bar because I liked milk, its a habit.  "Did ya hear what happened over in Hargion, a man was seen lightin some houses on fire then POOF, gone." 
"Yeah i heard, did they catch the man?" 
"Hm, its a shame." I said then drinking a sip of the milk.
"I gota go take care of some customers."He said while walking to the other side of the bar. I stared down at the cup in front of me.Then i heard someone come into the pub, and foot steps coming my way. A man sat down next to me and i looked at the wall in front of me. "So, are you from around here," said a soft voice beside me. I looked over at the man smiling at me. I nodded," i live here so yes," i gave a small smile to him. "Are you from out of town?" I asked looking at him. He had a short blond hair cu and he had what looked to be armor. "Mhm, i came here to enroll in some fighting classes to become a soldier."
"Thats pretty cool." 
He stared at me with a curious look. "So were you born with the ears and tail or cursed." He asked looking at my ears, i shot him an annoyed look. " I was born with them." He laughed, then took out a small bag and set it on the table. He untied the string and pulled out a few small berries and handed them to me. "Here take these, they can replenish mana very quickly." I was shocked, how did he know i used magic. I took the berries and put them in my hand bag."Thanks!" I said with a smile, and he smiled back,"The names Kirito." 
All of a sudden i heard people screaming and they were running out of the pub. I quickly turned around to see that the bar was on fire.I stared in horror as people ran for there lives. Kirito grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat. "We have to go now!" He said very calm, i dont know how he could be calm at a time like this. Before i knew it we were outside, the whole village was on fire. I heard screaming but i didnt see anyone, we ran for the forest away from the fire. "WAIT," I pulled away from him,"I have to go back." 
"You cant, we have to go before we are killed."
"My mother is still in there." I hissed at him and ran back to the burning village. The smoke stung my eyes as i ran and i felt like i was on fire.I saw my house as i looked up at it. I quickly realized i couldnt get into my house,the fire was to much. I closed my eyes and focused my magic on myself. I had recently learned a fire protection spell that could come in handy. I casted it on myself and busted open the door. I didnt hear anything but the flames burning and wood falling from the second floor. "MOM!" I screamed but there was nothing. I looked in front of me and saw a man, he was staring right at me. He had white eyes and looked all bloody, before i knew it i fell through the floor and landed in the basement, then smoke filled my vision as everything went black.

"Ive said his name once, when i was little. I didnt believe the legend, i was only 4 when i learned about it. I didnt think it was true, nothing happened. Until that night, everything changed.

When i came to all a heard was someone screaming my name. I couldnt open my eyes cause it still hurt, something was on top of me, it was a large piece of wood. After a minute i could open my eyes, my vision was blurred,but what i could see was rubble and what was left of my home. I sat up and pulled myself free. I looked up and saw black, it wasnt the sky, it was smoke. The fire was out, i guess my spell worked, smoke still stung my eyes and nose. I started to cough, i inhaled to much smoke. A voice rang out above me as i looked up, i saw Kirito, he jumped down in front of me.
"You shouldnt have ran off like that," He said with a look of grief. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and held me up by his shoulder. "Sorry," i managed to say. He pushed me up to the first floor and out of the basement then climbed up himself. As i sat of my knees i saw the damage, everything was burned and i didnt see anyone. Tears filled my eyes as Kirito sat next to me.
"Was there any survivors," I whimpered, he had a blank face. " I dont know, im sorry." He admitted, i stood up slowly, i had lots of bruises from the fall that hurt like hell fire. I walked around to see if anything survived the fire. I roamed to what used to be the kitchen as i looked down and stared in horror. More tears strolled down my face as i dropped to the ground, i picked it up and stared at it.
Kirito stood behind me and saw what was in my hand. It was my mothers necklace, she never took it off. It was a semi large pink diamond with a gold chain. I put it around my neck and sobbed. Kirito walked in front of me and slowly sat down, embracing me in a hug. It was weird, i felt safe then, like when my mom used to hug me, but warmer. We sat there for what seemed like forever as i cried.
"Its going to be okay," Kirito muttered under his voice. He took my hand and pulled me up. He stared at my face and wiped my tears with his finger. I gazed at his face, something about him made me feel better, a warmth ive never felt, i smiled, and he smiled back. He looked around, all the houses destroyed, nothing was really left. He let go of me.
"Lets try and look to see if anything survived, i dont think there would be much left." He started walking around looking at the ground for anything. Then i remembered something. "There is a library here, some books have spells casted on them so the cant be destroyed." Kirito looked confused, as i stepped over all the rubble i headed down the street, or what used to be the street. Now there is what remains of the town. I heard Kirito was following me, as i stepped into what was a small library and looked around. Then i saw a purple glow underneath a large piece of wood, i grabbed the wood and tried to pull it up but it was to heavy. Kirito stepped on the other side and pulled it off. "I knew it!" I picked up the glowing book and wipped off the dust.
"This book has an enchantment on it to were i cant open it unless the seal is broken. Ive tried to break it myself but i cant, i took it to many mages but none could help. Ive even took it to one of the most popular guilds that have the strongest wizards and mages ever, but of course none could break the seal. So ive kept it here so when i do find a spell to break it i have it."
He stared at the book." Ive never heard of a seal that couldnt be broken, must be powerful."
I nodded, "Now what do we do?" I asked with worry.
"Do you have any other family that lives nearby?" I had a brother that lived in the next town.
"Yeah, i have a brother in Dasani." I recalled.
Kirito nodded, "alright then thats where well go." I always loved seeing my brother, so i was exited. We stepped onto the pathway and into the forest to Dasani.

We walking down the narrow pathway, moon light shone brightly through the towering trees above. The sound of crickets and the gravel underneath our feet rang in our ears. There was a long silence between us. "So, what kind of magic do you use?" Kirito asked looking ahead of him. "Life magic," I answered.
"Whats Life magic?"
"Healing spells, support spells, exedera." He looked at the moon, lights shown ahead, a village. "Were here, finally," Kirito sighed in relief. We approached the gates, "Who is there," said a voice on the top of the gate. 
"Its Lilly," I yelled, the man nodded and pulled a lever, the gate open and we walked in. The village was buzzing with people, it was so lively, fairy lights hung above the market as people shopped. As we walked i heard a familiar voice.
"LILLY!" I turned around to see my brother Drake, he waved at us, i ran over to him with Kirito behind me. I hugged him and pulled away. I smiled, "its been a while hasnt it." He laughed. "Ya i has, you should have sent out a bird to warn me so i could have prepared." I stared at him, "well we were kind of in a hurry."
"What for?" Drake began, "and who is this?" I looked over my shoulder. "Drake this is Kirito, Kirito this is my brother Drake." i introduced them, Kirito smiled softly, "nice to meet you."
Drake looked at him for a minute, " You too."
I remembered why we came here, Drake could tell i had sadness in my eyes, I looked up at him, "Can we go somewhere private, I need to tell you something." He looked worried and nodded, he lead us inside his house. It was very roomy, Kirito and I sat down at a table and Drake poured us some drinks, then sat down across from us. "So, what did you want to talk about." I didnt know how to tell him, our mom was gone. I tried to hold back the tears. "Chariton, was attacked," I began, shock filled Drakes eyes and Kirito stayed silent. "I," I tried to say the words but sadness was all that came out. " I couldnt do anything, the village burned," Kirito looked down, and Drake didnt say anything. "It all happened so fast," Kirito put in, "im sorry." I wiped the tears that were on my face. Drake looked at me with broken eyes. "Do you know who did it." I froze, those white eyes dripping with blood,was all I could remember, I couldnt get the image out of my head. I nodded, "It was "him"." Drake knew who i was talking about.

"Story of "him" he was a demon from the underworld, he would posses people to give him a physical form. When the body he possessed died he looked for another person, till they died, he is almost immortal because he traps souls and uses them to live. It takes a while for a person to become possessed, he slowly drains there life force so it is easier to posses the person. When he doesnt have a physical form he haunts people and drives them insane to the point of suicide. Or you can sell him your soul and he will do something for you."

Drake stood up, "Were going to see Yuri, lets pack up for the road."

 There was a little magic shop i would always visit when i came here. They would have things from potions to magical idems. I pushed the door open, strong magic power hit me in the face. "Welcome back Lilly," the old man at the counter greeted me. He was the nicest person i ever meet, always had a smile on his face. "How can i help you?" I looked around for a second then walked to the counter, " Im about to head out, do you have anything new? He thought for a second, then he went to the back room and came back with a little box."We have this, its a rare charm, the wearer gets a boost on magic power and strength." I was interested, he could tell i looked happy. He handed it to me and i held it in my hands and opened the box. It looked like a bird with a heart, with a emerald in the middle. It was beautiful and had a strong magical force coming from it. "How much?" I stared at him,
"2,000 jewel,
I was then shocked, "for something this powerful? Thats cheap."
He smiled," I knocked off the price for ya." I smiled, like i said, nicest person ever. I pulled out a small pink bag and took out 4 coins and set them on the counter. "Ill take it," He took the coins. 
"Oh, i better go, the guys are probably waiting for me." I smiled and waved "Bye, thank you." He waved back, "Come back anytime." I shut the front door and ran to were Drake and Kirito were waiting for me. 

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