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Witch Doctor - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 791 days ago

In an old beat-down hut in the bayou stood a young woman with scaly green skin, long neon pink hair, and glassy greenish eyes. She was dressed in a strange tribal outfit, with a horned beaked skull resting on her head. Dangling from the side of her mouth was a long yellow cigarette holder with a freshly lit cigarette at the tip. She was happily stirring a spoon around a large cauldron that bubbled with an odd liquid. She hummed a song as she smiled, exposing her jagged teeth.

Her name is June. Shes a witch doctor with a thick southern accent. Shes partially insane but doesnt really mind. Shes bubbly and energetic and sometimes comes off as a bit of a hillbilly, with her long messy hair, fondness for drinking and smoking, and habit of flashing her toothy smile whenever possible.

She has a pet swamp pig named Hoggis. She owns a makeshift cannon made out of an old boiler, which she sometimes shoots herself out of to travel. Shes rarely seen without her cigarette holder, a family heirloom that used to belong to her mother, and likes to use it to ignite swamp bubbles and light lanterns. She brews up various potions in her cauldron, and also occasionally makes medicines in an old distillery in her basement, which is prone to exploding.

Time is a ticking piggy, I need you to move honey. I gently shove Hoggis to the side and I continue stirring the rare ingredients into my cauldron. So, what did you get yourself into this time Cole? The boy looks around, as he usually does never caring to give me eye contact. Boy look me in the eyes when I am talking to you. He ignores me and grumbles for a bit. Now what happened? Do tell me or no medicine. The boy jolts with fear in his eyes. No! Tommy will beat me up if I dont bring this for him! He will give me a good one this time. I grin at the idea slightly. Cole could use a good bop on the head, thats for sure. Look if you look me in the eyes I will give you the medicine. The boy slowly looks me in the eyes. There we go. It is polite to look people in the eyes. The kid nods his head and smiles. I grab a glass vile and I fill it with the blue colored liquid. Now remember, you have your friend use this once in the morning and once and night. It would be better if Tommy were the one here. I mean the medicine is for him, right? I give the medicine to the boy. The boy nods his head and grins. Thank you, June. How much do I owe you? I grab my logbook and look up the price for Muscle Enhancing Medicine. Honestly, I have no clue why a seven-year-old would want this but oh well. That would be twelve, eleven. The boy reaches into his pockets and finds a ten. I said twelve, eleven. I did not say ten. The kid wines and bounces on his toes nervously. I am sorry, but its all I got. He only gave me this. I thought it would only be like six dollars. Then a loud BANG is heard making me jump backward. You know what I will take the ten just please get out of here and quick! Cole looks panicked so I grab the money from his hands and push him off my property. Quick, scram! If the Ranger catches you out here its bad news. Go! Run! The boy runs into the depths of the bayou. Sure hope he does not get caught. That would be a shame. Hoggis, inside, now! The pig runs inside squealing loudly. I turn my sign from open to closed and shut the front gate. With a hop, jump, and a skip I make my way to the safety of my home. The Ranger would shoot me if he caught me selling my medicine to kids. Times are definitely hard on me with the new president taking everything for himself. I decide to make a drink. I begin heating some water in the kettle and prepare the ingredients. Then I hear a knock at my door and I jump at the sound. Hoggis runs to the door squealing and grunting in an oddly protective manner. I make my way to the door and look through the peephole to see who is there. Great, its the Ranger. He holds his rifle by his side and looks impatient. Reluctantly I open the door. Good morning Ranger Dale. Sorry, I am closed for the time being. I wont be selling anything until May. Hopefully, the ban will be lifted by then. Though I might have a spell or two to help you grow a beard finally. Hoggis no! Hoggis attempts to bite the Ranger but I shove the pig back into the house with my foot. Sorry about Hoggis. He does not like many visitors.  Dale grumbles to himself then cracks his knuckles. The Ranger definitely seems on edge lately. Last week he got into a huge argument with his boss. Well, that is what I have heard from some local gossip. Its a darn shame you did not get that raise. You dissever it from taking down all them hoodlums running about the neighborhood these past few weeks. I saw a few nasty boys picking on Hoggis last week. They were trying to catch my pig to eat it. Luckily I was there to put a stop to them or my poor little Hoggis would be poorly cooked morning bacon. June, on behalf of the town I am fining you for selling medicine illegally. I would take you to jail but I really dont want to have to do that. Please pay the fine by the end of this week and I will let this all rollover. See I want to thank you for helping out my wife with her depression. She really has improved. This partly why I am not taking you to jail. Dang, this fine is big. At least I am not going to jail but still, this is not cool. I kind of want to see more proof but what if that makes his mad? There is no way to waver this down a bit. This is a big time fine. I only sell on my property and I already pay a boatload of taxes. Why am I getting fined if it is the town buying my medicine? Its not like I am going to hand out my stuff for free. I need to make money too. This is not fair. Why would my medicine get banned? I mean it does more good to the town than harm. I dont know why June but it is the law. Your practice is banned and your medicine. If I were you I would find a new hobby. With that Ranger, Dale makes his way into the bayou. 


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