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Can You Survive? (COVER COMING SOON) - first chapter
TheAmazingReagan13 | Published 10 days ago

It was a dark and stormy night when you heard a scream. 

Do you 

A-Run Downstairs    or

B-Just go back to sleep


Answer A


You grab a gun and run downstairs. You see a zombie and scream. "WHAT THE F*CK" You quickly cock the gun and shoot it at the zombie. You see a hoard coming at your house and start shooting them. You quickly start packing a bag and turn on the news. "Zombie outbreak, evacuate." the TV says. You quickly lock up your doors and windows.

Answer B


You groan as you try and sleep and hear a bang. You find three zombies at your bedroom door. You quickly grab the gun by your bed and shoot them. You turn the news on in your room and the TV says "Zombie Outbreak, evacuate". You quickly lock your doors and windows. You grab a bag and get packed.

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Horde, not hoard
Updated 9 Days ago

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