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Hero School - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 705 days ago

Heroes are not always heroic at the start and it is not easy to think of others before yourself. It is only human to only think of yourself. Journeys are quick and easy for some but hard for others but every path is different. Can Fate really determine your path in life?

Principal Yale: Okay everyone! Pipe down! I know this is an odd announcement to make during your lunch period but I have to make it eventually.


Elise: Okay get on with it Yale! We donít have all day. *Everyone cheers for me and then quiets down on my command. *


Principal Yale: *Elise is probably the most obnoxious stuck up brat in the school, but whatever she says goes, especially with her father being a top hero of all the Worldís Heroís. He is also one of the top supporters of this school. Though he scolds her for being so controlling but he does not punish his daughter. That is understandable no one should punish their child. That is a fear based approach, though I feel that Elise needs to be taught a lesson or something. I take a deep breath and continue once it is quiet again. * There is a new student joining us this year and she has just moved here to New Lark Town. She is a mute so pleases do try and understand if she does not answer you. She has no other family of her own so the school has decided to take her in. Now please give a warm welcome to Lana Byrne! *The small quite albino girl steps out shyly from behind me. Sometimes I wonder what this girl has seen besides the brutal murder of her parents. She then proudly felt helpless and upset that her powers did not come to her sooner so she could have protected them. Then she traveled alone across the country from school to school trying to learn more about who she is or more importantly where her home is, such a journey only to make it to this school. The girl is wearing her school uniform with her hair pulled back into a ponytail like she should. She gives a sweet smile and waves to everyone. Some kids wave back but they get scolded by Elise. I frown at this and usher the girl to the lunch line. * Okay now for this interruption I will extend your lunch by ten minutes. *Elise grins at this along with everyone else. Well, this is my cue to leave. Lana will do just fine, I hope. *


Elise: *I stare down Principal Yale until she makes her exit out of the cafeteria. Then I turn my attention to the new girl who slowly sits down at the far end of my table. What was her name again? Lana? Yeah, thatís it. Personally, I like sitting alone when I eat. That girl has some nerves to think she can sit at my table or maybe she is just stupid. I will admit she is very different but beautiful looking. Her glasses are a bit dorky looking but her eyes are very light blue, and it makes it hard to look away from them. I shake my head and then stand up. All eyes turn to me as expected. I strut over to the new girl then I give her the nastiest look I could possibly give her. * Why the hell are you at this table? Are stupid or something? *She just shakes her head no and I feel livid. Carefully I pull off her glasses and toss them across the cafeteria floor. Her expression is that of a look of hurt and a mixture of feeling stunned, just the way I like it. Gently I grab her silky white hair and then swiftly push her head into her hot plate of food. What surprises me is that she doesnít fight back. I let go of her after a few seconds. People ooh and stiffen up from my assault but none stand up to tell me to stop, as they should. Lana weekly pulls her head up and it is cover in mash potatoes. She gently wipes her face clean then stands up. The girl is a head shorter than me, fairly short. She then angrily waves her arms about and moves her lips about, but then stops in defeat when no sound comes out. Her face is beat red then she quickly runs out of the cafeteria and stops to pick up her glasses on the way out. It is better for her to not even be here at all. Principal Yale is a moron to think a girl like that can make this cruddy school her home. That girl should just move along. She is probably crying in the bathroom like an infant. I roll my eyes at the thought. *


Nick: Elise, come on donít you think that was a bit harsh? She is a new student for crying out loud. She doesnít know your rules.


Elise: Shut it, Nick! *I punch Nick in the arm making him groan. I roll my eyes to him and follow the retreating girl. Lana retreats into a bathroom and I hesitate. I take a deep breath then open the door to find Lana washing her hair and face. Well, she is not crying...that makes what I am about to say easier. * I guess I should apologize. I should have set my ground rules first Lana. *The girl dries her face then looks over to me with a sad frown. * Rule one, I rule this whole school and no one ever argues with me! Rule two, whatever I say goes and no buts! Rule three, no one is allowed to sit with me while I am eating! Rule four, nothing is my fault! Rule five, other rules donít affect me like rules of the school. Rule six, everyone is forbidden to touch me! Rule seven never look down at me. Now if you are to break my rules I will sue you or I could just kick your pretty little a** to the moon. Nod your head if you hear me. *Lana does not do anything for a moment then she slowly nods her head then leaves the bathroom with me trailing behind her back to the cafeteria. Lana sits next to Nick and does not look at me for the rest of the time. Good! By the end of lunch, I find myself not able to finish my lunch for some reason. I guess I lost my appetite or maybe it is the lunch tray still sitting at the end of the table. A constant reminder of the new girl and sometimes it gets me staring at her for long periods of time. I watch as other students talk at her and she would occasionally nod along. Despite Nick already having a girlfriend, he appears to have a thing for her and it confuses me. Slowly and hesitantly I get up then I walk up behind Lana. Gently I rest my hands on her shoulders causing her to stiffen up and nervously look up to me. * Nick.


Nick: What is it Elise if you donít mind me asking? Oh yeah, is thatís against the rules too? You know you canít do anything to me. I am as poor as horse s*** and I have been sent to the moon countless times. You really donít have a position of authority over me here and pleases keep Lana out of this! She really seems like a sweet girl even if she canít speak her mind.


Elise: It seems to me that you Nick have feelings for Lana. Are those feelings true or false? *He gives me a shaky gaze and that is all I need to know. * If this is true you are going out of line here. You already have a girlfriend or have you already forgotten her? *I look over to his girlfriend. Her name is Rebecca and she very sweet brunette who I would hate to see heartbroken. I see the shocked look on her face and I frown. *

Nick: No! I donít have ďfeelingsĒ for the new girl Elise. Rebecca is the only girl for me. Let it go already.


Elise: *I notice Nick blow a kiss to Rebecca and she giggles in joy like a girl. He tosses out the rest of his lunch with Rebecca on his heels. Good. I feel Lana relax under my hands and I smile. * Good to hear. If you dare talk to Lana again without Rebecca in your arms I will seriously send you permanently to the moon. Got it!


Nick: I got it you control freak! *Frowns*


Elise: *I roll my eyes at him. * I have my reasons, Nick!

Nick: Oh really? Remember you canít just control people even your own father says itís wrong! You canít control me like the others, Elise!


Elise: Ah but I already have! My father is not here and he has nothing to do with this. Leave him out of it. Remember the rules, Nick! *I use my mental powers on Nick to force him to obey and move along. * Lana this means you need to move yet again and this time take your food tray with you! *Lana quickly stands up and almost bumps into me making me lose my balance slightly. She then grabs her plate and tosses it into the trash. She then grabs a piece of paper from her coat pocket. Then she leaves the cafeteria completely. I toss my lunch as well and head off to class. I know controlling people is wrong but it is so much fun! You get what you want with little painful drama in the long run. This class is my favorite of them all. It is my exhibition class where I get to put my skills to actual work. As I walk in I notice that Lana is in this class. That means she passed her exams with flying colors. She must have a mighty talent if she was able to get in the special exhibition class. Lana takes off her school coat and puts it into her class locker. I do the same and make my way to my spot on the bleacher. The class is actually not that big probably due to how difficult it is to get in. There are only eleven of us well now there are twelve. Everyone piles onto the bleachers and we wait for the teacher. After about two minutes Professor Dole enters. She has a large chart in her hands and her eyes are glued to it. This gives me no leverage over her, unfortunately. As soon as she looks up all would be lost for her and she knows that. *


Professor Dole: Okay class. Good news. Looks like we have twelve students now. That means we can finally do pairings. You will each be paired with your life partner today. Your life partner has already been chosen according to skill level, of course. I will read off the names and you will come up and collect your hero watch. Understood?


Elise: *Everyone looks around nervously. I actually feel nervous myself. I sure hope I donít get paired with Nick of all people. He is probably the only one who would possibly stand a chance against me. The idea of a life partner seems drastic to me but it is common. My fatherís life partner happened to be my mother. I cross my fingers and hope for the best. *


Professor Dole: First off we have Tommy and David. *The two boys stand up and I actually see the relief on their faces. They grab their watches that are custom made just for them. Then they sit back down while everyone claps. * Now Finn and Rose.


Finn and Rose: * the two look to each other in shock and slight disgust. *


Professor Dole: Now you may not like each other at first but eventually you will have to learn to work with each other in order to pass this class. Or better yet graduate. That is a challenge you both will have to face together. *Everyone claps and they both quickly snatch their watches and make their way to their seats trying to sit far apart from each other. 


Drake and Cole. *The two boys high five each other then they collect their watches. They hoot and holler while everyone claps. *

Nick and Rebecca. *Everyone cheers and claps. The two happily get up and they hold hands as they grab their watches.*


Elise: *Oh thank goodness those two are together. The only problem is I have no idea who could possibly be matched with me. The more I look around the more displeased I get. *


Professor Dole: Jacky and Ellen. *The two grab their watches and they look a bit disappointed. Everyone cheers, though. *


Elise: *That Ellen, her name annoys me sometimes. Mainly because people sometimes get us confused. We look nothing alike! She is pretty and I am attractive. Very different. *


Professor Dole: And finally we conclude with Elise and Lana. *Most of the students look confused but they still cheer and clap loudly. Mainly if they didnít Elise would ring their necks. But according to the Charts, Lana is a close match with Elise. The Charts donít lie. Lana is a very powerful girl and I am nervous if Elise will drag her down. *


Elise: *I stand up and Lana hesitantly stands up as well. We both collect our watches that are costumed made. Lanaís watch is white and blue while mine is red and gold. The gold looks actually like real gold. What makes these watches special is that they can never be destroyed or hacked, and they can never come off once they are put on. The two watches also can communicate with each other no matter the distance. That is as much as I know about them. Lana puts hers on and I do the same. This should be interesting. I wonder why the Charts would put us together. I mean the Charts are an actual group of old spiritual people that connect heroes together. They are hardly ever wrong on who they pair people with. But why am I paired with the new girl of all people? She must be powerful or something. * Looks like we are a team, Lana. This should be interesting. *Lana looks confused but she nods anyway.*


Professor Dole: Okay first order of business is the training course you will do with your new life partner. Both of you will have to cross the finish in order to pass. Not necessarily at the same time but it would be wise to stay close to each other. Because if only one of you crosses you get and automatic zero and you will have to redo it until you get it right. Now letīs all go to the west hall to the training course.


Elise: Harsh. Well, Lana you better not slow me down! Elise does not get Fís or zeros and that is against the rules. Now letīs go! *Lana nods her head and frowns. We make our way to the training course and we look at it in awe. *

Rebecca: Itís so beautiful and scary at the same! Is it possible to die in this course?


Elise: No duh, you idiot. Look you can die pretty much doing anything Rebecca. I mean come on! *Rebecca rolls her eyes and hides behind Nick before I could slap her. * Whatever chicken!

Professor Dole: Pipe down Elise. This is a serious training course child. Yes, chances of dying are high! The big leagues use this all the time. Sometimes they canít make it through without some serious injury.     


Cole: Then why are we being sent through it? We should at least get a map or something to help us. I donít want to die!


Professor Dole: In real life, you donít always get maps when fighting crime! This is a hard test and I will not be handing out tip sheets understood? Now get to your places at the starting line with your partner! *I point to the start line. All the students line up quickly and nervously. *


Elise: *I take a deep breath and start to stretch my legs. Lana stretches her arms and back. I make sure to keep myself relaxed and loose because I know that if I did get injured being relaxed would help. With a yawn, I look to Lana and see her smiling back. She gives me the thumbs up and I gladly return it. I decide to tie my hair up in a bun just so it wonít get caught onto anything. I help Lana do the same. *


Professor Dole: Very nice Elise. This is a perfect example of how to go about preparing for any training course. Now all of you will be going through at the same time. Separator walls will block you off from each other so you canít cheat. I will be sending you through courses that will challenge you and some will be harder than others depending on your skill level. You will not be timed so no need to rush through things. When I fire the gun that means go. Understood. *All the students nod and I ready the gun and fire it. *


Elise: *I move forward down the track as quickly as I can and I see Lana right there beside me. I grin and she smiles back. The first obstacle looks complicated but I watch as Lana skillfully makes her around it with such speed she even destroyers one of the obstacles with just a mere punch. Then she stops in the middle of it and waves to me. She gives me the thumbs up and I nod back to her. She showed me where to go and even took out one of the obstacles that were set out to hurt me. It might have been successful. I use my super speed to make it through to Lana. Then we hear a loud scream and I can only guess what that means. Then a big screen slides down in front of us and shows what happened. Finn takes a major hit to the head and is knocked out immediately. I cringe from the site and I watch Rose running to his side to drag his limp body out of further danger. Then the screen flashes the words ELIMINATED in all red caps. I feel myself gasping from the site. Then Lana grabs the screen and pulls out some incredibly long wires then quickly grabs a spike from one of the traps. Then connects them together quickly. This girl works almost like a computer and it is fascinating to watch. She then hands the thing to me. The screen ascends out of our way and I notice where we are at. A massive possibly bottomless pit is there. Over on the other side is more of the track. Lana then gently places a hand on my sleeve and gives it a light tug. I look to her and watch her making arm movements. I just know she is trying to tell me something. She is pointing at the wall and repeats a certain arm motion at the spot in the wall. Then I get it. I carefully take the spike in my hand and use my super strength to toss it at that spot. I make sure to keep hold of the wire, though. Swiftly I swing my way to the other side safely though it is a bit of a jump down. Then I hear a loud yell. I then notice that I never tossed the rope back to Lana. She just stands there on the other side with her arms crossed looking a bit annoyed and started. A new screen comes down and it shows David plummeting to his doom. I look in horror when the words ELIMINATED flash. Then the screen pulls away and I notice the worried look on Lanaís face. * Just shake it off Lana! We can do this! There has got to be another way to cross! *I shout this as loudly as I can. She nods her head then wipes her eyes. Then she walks over to the wall and puts her foot onto the wall. I look at her with a confused look. She then completely defies gravity and walks onto the wall. Lana simply walks over by walking on the wall. She occasionally looks nervously down the wall into the pit of doom causing her to go a little uneasy in her steps. * Lana! Itís okay just look over to me. Donít you dare look down! *Lana snaps her eyes over to me then nodes her head. She smiles and runs over to me making my head spin slightly. She then jumps down to me and we then continue on. Then loud screams are heard and I cover my ears from the sound. Lana does the same and she looks to me with worry. The dreaded screen scrolls down and it shows Jacky and Ellen both plummeting to their doom. It appears that they used the spikes from the traps and uses them like ice picks on the wall. But Jackyís hand slips while Ellen tries to grab her but it sends them both falling to their doom. The words ELIMINATED appear causing me to cover my eyes from the scene and then I try to shake it off. Lana frowns and she cowers a bit. I gently side hug her. * Itís going to be okay. Let us just get out of here. Okay? *Lana sadly nods her head and we decide to keep moving. The next part of the course is maze-like. Because I find myself running into an all white wall and Lana quickly stops me by grabbing my arm before I go face first into a wall of spikes. * Lana what did I say about touching me! But thank you! You saved me from becoming Swiss cheese. You know what, I came up with a better idea. Why donít you walk onto the wall and look down on the maze to find where I should go? Then you can just lead me through it. I know you canít talk so you can make some kind of noise. Two sounds mean yes and one sound means no okay? *Lana nods her head and claps her hands loudly with a smile. She then runs up onto the large wall and quickly maps out the maze in her mind. * Do I go right? *Lana claps her hands twice so I turn right and head down a long hallway with many doors. I stand in front of the doors as I ask yes or no? She would answer no for most of the time until I come to one door and she finally answers yes. I open it and it is an annoying colored hallway. It almost hurts my eyes when looking at it. I ignore it and keep walking forward until I come to a four-way junction. I step in front of each until Lana answers yes. I run down the hallway until I stop at a door when I go to open it I hear a loud reputation of claps. With confusion, I stop. * What is it? Is there something behind this door that I should be careful of? *Lana response with a yes. I nod and slowly I open the door to find and small bottomless trench. If I had just rushed through the door I would have probably fallen into it. I simply jump over it. * Is it okay now? *Lana answers yes. I steadily keep moving down the path and I come to a river oddly. I notice piranhas swimming down below and I gulp a bit. * How do I get across? *Lana does not respond. I look around and notice a small walkway that goes along the parameter. I notice one goes left and the other goes right. * Do I go right? *Lana answers yes. I slowly shimmy my way on the small walkway. It is probably no bigger than a foot. Then a screen scrolls down and it shows Drake trying to dumbly jump across the black pit of doom only to fall to his doom. I slap my forehead in confusion and the slight humor to it as the words ELIMINATED appears. I decide to just continue on. The walkway goes on for quite some time until I notice a small bridge. * Lana! Do I take the bridge? *Lana answers no so I continue until I come across another bridge. Before I can ask Lana answers yes so I take it and continue down the path. Then I see the way out of the maze and I squeal with excitement. Lana walks over to me and we both jump up and down with glee. Even better I notice the finish line! We both dash to it and we both jump up and down with excitement. Then a screen scrolls down then it shows both Nick and Rebecca falling to their doom when they tried to use one of the obstacles as a bridge so they could walk across, but the obstacle broke when they were about half way through causing them to scream as they fall. I watch in shock as they fall and the words ELIMINATED appear. Lana tears up and I feel the same sadness. *

Table of contents:

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very nice , I´m glad that they get long with each other , laan she´s very smart girl.
Updated 701 Days ago
It is hard to play a mean character haha
Updated 705 Days ago

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