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Lost Princess - first chapter
SarBearLuv | Published 23 days ago

Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of swords. Moaning, I opened my eyes slightly. Looking around, I couldnt  remember where I was. All I saw was the tan fabric of a tent. The last thing I remembered was fighting some royal guards. I think I lost.

My body was sore, but I got up anyway and brushed my long black and green hair out of my face. First thing I noticed was I only had a white tunic and loose pants on. Second thing, it was freezing. I continued to hear swords clashing outside, so I walked outside the tent.

Captain! A man in a guard blue uniform shouted as I stepped into the cold, frigid air. She is awake!

Good. Responded another man in uniform. I am assuming he is the captain. Addressing me, he said Come, my dear. We will get you better clothes and I can answer all your questions.

Not thinking, I followed him to another tent, this one much bigger and obviously warmer. He opened the flap, and I walked through. Big mistake. A thug grabbed me and put a knife to my throught. The captain walked in, sat down at the large oak desk, and started to write. I struggled against the thug, but he only tightened his grip, so I stopped.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he looked up. There was hatred in his eyes like I have never seen before.

Well, girl. I have a proposal for you. If you cooperate with me, I will not kill you, and you may even be able to go back to whatever it is you were doing before you came here.

I have a name, I muttered under my breath.

And I have excellent hearing. I dont care what your name is, and girl will work nicely until proven otherwise. Now then, answer my question.

Fine. I dont care. I will cooperate with you. As long as he lets go. I might have a bruised rib already.

The captain waved his hand, and the thug let go after giving me a small cut on my neck.

Please. Sit.

This time, I did not do what he told me to.

Here is what I want of you. I want you to serve His Royal Majesty, King Loki in one of the four royal guards. All the guards are under my authority, so dont think you can get away from me. Pick one.

I thought for a moment. The four guards are Shadow Guard, Light Guard, Strong Guard, and Mystic Guard. Shadow Guard takes control of behind the scenes operations, or the ones the king doesnt want people to know about. Light Guard is the face of the kingdom. They are the ones everyone sees. They always do what is right. The Strong Guard is all about brute force. Mystic Guard is a mix of all of them, but are seen even less then the Shadow Guard.

I want to be in the Mystic Guard. I said finally.

Very well. The captain said. He didnt look very surprised. You may call me either Captain Graf, of simply Sir. I will have you transferred by tomorrow. For now, you may wander around camp. I will have a uniform put in your tent. Be back there before the sun sets. Dinner will be brought to you. Dismissed.

I did not answer. I just walked out.

One more thing! He called out after me.

What, I said flatly, turning around.

I need your name for the transfer script.


Last name?

Dont have one.

With that, I walked away. I probably had a last name. I just dont know it anymore. I have been on the streets most of my life, and people either call me Astrid or Dragonheart. Down the line I might make Dragonheart my last name, but for now, it works as a nickname.

I walked around the camp, trying to figure out where I am. I have no clue. Frustrated, I punched a post. I was about to strike again when another girl stepped in front of me.

Move. I growled.

No. She responded.

I went to move past her, but she moved in front of me, her long white hair swaying as if it was alive.

You must be the girl they just brought here. She said.

Yes, I am. Would you like to tell me where here is? Then maybe I will stop trying to punch the pole.

Her amethyst eyes flashed dangerously as I tried to move past her again.

We are on the east side of  the Dragon Mountains.

Thanks. Now I can go punch something else.

How about I take you to the mess hall. You are super thin.

I growled quietly and followed her.

Trying to break the silence, she said Im Skidia, by the way.

Astrid. I said, not looking up from my brading. (I braid my hair when I need something to do, OK?)

The conversation stopped there.

I could tell when we were getting close to the mess hall. I could smell fresh bread and meat pies. Finally, I saw the building. It was the only building made out of wood. Smoke rose slowly from its chimney.

Skidia and I walked in. She went over to one of the long wood benches to eat, but I just grabbed a loaf of bread and left.

I received strange looks from people as I walked back to my tent. I ignored all of them.

I walked into my tent to find a tray of food, a royal purple uniform, and a fairy making my bed.

Ah!It squeaked when it saw me. I I was told to inform you not to put on the uniform until tomorrow before you leave. Are you in need of anything else, miss?

A brush.

The fairy then zipped past me and out the flap.

Finally able to breath again, I sat down on the bed and started to eat. All they gave me was a small meat pie, an orange, and a glass of water. I was happy I snagged the bread. I was finishing my pie when the fairy flew in carrying a silver brush. It dropped the brush in my lap and flew away.

After finishing my pie, I brushed my hair. It went down to my waist and was naturally wavy and black, but I had dyed the ends dark green years ago and now had a natural looking ombre. I set the brush down, curled up on the bed, and went to sleep.

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