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Experimented - first chapter
Feral | Published 123 days ago

I´m not even supposed to exist.

I, am a creation of mad science. By some fools who attempted to play god. They wanted to create their own god, and created me.

´An angel of peace´, that´s what they called me. But I know the truth, I know what am I made for. War, that´s what it is, not peace.

The fools run multiple tests on me daily. They would lock me up with some drones and made me fight against them. Of course, due to the mutations they gave me, I tore through all of them without a scratch.

With wings in my back that can sprout at will, my left palm able to fire energy beams, enhanced speed and strength, paired with unbreakable skin and limitless stamina. And all that was not even scratching the surface. They have made me perfect, they have made me a god.

Humans, the fools who brought me to existence, I despise them. They created me, and yet they fear me. They kept me in an empty cell, with nothing but a one way window from which they would observe me from a far.

But there is one person in particular, that I do not despise, someone that I respected, that I trust. It´s one of the scientist´s daughters, by the name of Lily. She is not afraid of me, and sometimes she would sneak into my cell and talk to me when she wanted someone to talk to.

Yes, that was eight years ago. Back then Lily was young and didn´t know what I am. But by the time she found out, we already had each other´s trust, up to the point she had given me things something I never had, friendship, knowledge of the outside world, and even a name.

Despite her father´s warnings about how dangerous I am, she still comes into my cell when no one is watching. Professor Will once threatened me, over the microphone and separated by a-foot-thick steel wall that is. He threatens to end my life if I were to harm Lily. Who is he to threaten me? I´d never harm Lily, not because that her father threatened to ´kill´ me, but because she was the only person who I trusted.

And tonight, Lily came into my cell, tears welling up in her eyes. "Uriel..." she called out my name, which was the name of an archangel in her religion.

"Lily, are you... crying?" I asked. Lily is a strong person, she´d never cry for simple matters. The last time I saw her cry is three years ago, when her parents decided to have a divorce.

"It´s... It´s okay... Uriel." she sobbed. "Earlier today, I... I overheard my dad... talking over the phone." she said. "They´re sending you... you to the battlefield tomorrow at first light. They are coming to take you away."

I knew that this would happen sooner or later. It´s been seven years since they have been running tests on me, and I easily passed all of them. Lately, the scientists have been bringing military leaders to witness me tearing through their drones.

"I..." Lily said, "I might not be able to see you again."

"I won´t die, Lily. You saw the tests. I´m a hundred percent bulletproof."

"It´s not that you die, Uriel!" she said. "Do you even know what are they preparing you for?"

"War." I answered.

"They are sending you to infiltrate and destroy the enemy country." Lily said. "That mean´s you´ll be fighting in a far off country. You are not coming back!"

"Lily." I said, putting my hands on her shoulders. "I will find a way. Don´t cry. It´s all because of this stupid war isn´t it? Wouldn´t it be better if it never happened?"

"No!" she protested. "If the war didn´t happen, they wouldn´t have created you, Uriel."

"Lily..." I said, lifting a finger to wipe off a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Lily!" I heard Professor Will´s voice over the speaker. "Stay away from her Uriel, it´s an order."

"Dad! You´re not sending him away!"

"Now." Will´s voice became stone hard. The door to the cell opened,and drones came in, guns pointed at me.

"Professor Will." I addressed him. "Do you care to explain tomorrow´s plan?"

"You are ready, Uriel. Now is the time to accomplish the task you were made to do."

"Do you trust me Will?"

"I... I... I´ve always trusted you."

"You haven´t told me the whole story yet." I said. "How did this war happen in the first place? Why is this country attacking other countries."

He didn´t answer, but I´ve already known the answer to the questions, because Lily told me. "You are the ones who declared war upon other countries. Your country wanted supreme dominance." I answered for him. "As you once told me, I was supposed to be the ´Angel of Peace´. Is this peace to you?"

Another voice came from the speaker, he seemed to be talking to Professor Will.

"What´s taking you so long?" I remember that voice, he´s one of the colonels who came earlier today.

"Colonel, my daughter is..."

"Give me the controls." the colonel demanded. "I said, give it to me." there was a moment of silence, then the drones started shooting at us.

"Lily!" I said, sprouting my wings and shielding both of us with it.

"Have they gone insane?" Lily said. "Uriel,are you okay?"

"I´m fine." I replied. "Like I said remember? I´m a hundred percent bulletproof. Stay behind me."

I stood up, my wings still lowered to cover Lily from the shower of bullets. The scientists have made a major mistake. Because I have never retaliated in my seventeen years of being here, they never bothered to make sure that the defenses are able to keep me in my cell. The foot-thick walls may have been able to keep me here twelve years ago, when my powers have not fully developed. But now, I highly doubt that.

Focusing on my left palm, I fired a never ending beam of energy to my left. Then, moving my palm to my right, the beam cut the drones in half. Turns out my doubts are correct, looking at the deep sear I´ve cut into the wall.

There´s the sound of a gun clicking over the speaker. "Uriel, get down!" Lily stood up and grabbed my arm. The one way mirror shattered, and a bullet came flying. Thanks to Lily, the bullet only scraped against my shoulder, but the bullet ricocheted off my skin and into Lily´s calve.

What´s surprising is that the bullet drew blood. I feel a slight pain on my shoulder and found a red line forming.

But something else angers me. How can humans put their own kind in danger, especially when that person is your very own daughter?

Table of contents:

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Love it
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psychic friend fredbear
Updated 117 Days ago
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you´re such a good writer! :>
Updated 120 Days ago
Feral, you need to finish this book. This book is very interesting.. !
Updated 123 Days ago

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