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A Storm on Christmas´ Eve - first chapter
Feral | Published 125 days ago

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! Here is a Christmas short, with ideas from you people! Credits at the end of the story. I present to you, “A Storm on Christmas’ Eve”, enjoy.

A Storm on Christmas’ Eve


     Christmas is right around the corner, with seven days left for all the toys to be ready, Billy and Inky, two elves working at Santa’s toy factory, went to work early along with the other elves to make use of the remaining time.


     “Do you think we can make it on time?” Inky asked Billy, his voice squeaky as always. “We still have quite a lot of work left.”


     “That’s what you say every year.” Billy replied. “Come on Inky, we elves have been doing this job for countless of thousands of years, and we always finish the job since the beginning of it, have some faith my friend.”


     “But something felt different this year” Inky said, looking at his pointed boots as they walked through the snow.


     “That is also what you say every year.” Billy said. “Nothing bad won’t happen, just like every other year.”


     “Isn’t that… one of our tools?” Inky pointed towards a shiny object on the snow a few paces away and ran towards it.


     “Inky, you’re overthinking… this?” Billy voice drowned out when he stopped in his tracks. There is a trail dragged through the snow.


     From the way the snow parted, Billy deduced that it was made by something heavy being dragged across the snow from the direction of the factory. The trail ended next to him, where it looked like as if the heavy object was slowly lifted up into the air.


     “Billy!” Inky called out, waving a shiny hammer in the air. “It is one of our tools! How did it get here though, we are still minutes away from the factory.”


     Putting the pieces together, Billy called out to Inky. “We need to hurry to the factory, I fear we have a break in.” he said and hastened his pace, storming past Inky and his shiny hammer.


     “See! I knew something was wrong!” Inky shouted after Billy and ran after him.



     “Sheesh Billy, why do you have to be so fast?” Inky panted as they finally got to the factory. A few elves are already there before them. They were all gathered outside the factory, instead of being inside working. “What’s all this?”


     “Is there a break in?” Billy asked the nearest elf in charge. “Did we lose anything? Are the toys still here?”


     “There is a break in sadly, Billy.” the elf replied. “Fortunately the thief left the toys alone. But…”


     “But what?” Billy urged.


     “But it seems like all the reindeers that are able to do the trip on Christmas are missing, along with most of our tools, a few of the elves… and one of the old sleighs.”


     “WHAT!” Billy bellowed at the news. “How is Santa going to give out the presents then?”


     “Do not worry Billy, they took the able-bodied ones, but they didn’t take the young reindeers.” the elf said. “If we hurry up and train them properly, they’d be ready for Christmas.”


     “But what about the stolen tools?” Billy asked. “Without them, I fear we won’t make it before the deadline.”


     “For that… some sleepless nights would cover for that.” the elf answered. “We still have enough tools left to make it, though it takes more time.”

“Stealing tools from the factory… why would anyone do this to the toy factory?” Billy said.


     “That… I do not know, Billy. Leave it to the investigators, I’m sure they’ll find something.”


     Billy and Inky went around the factory to see for themselves. Most of the factory were not even touched, the tool racks being the only thing ransacked.


     “That’s weird... Why would someone just take the tools but leave everything else behind? It’s like… going to the blacksmith’s to steal his hammer!” Inky said.


      “Inky, we can’t do much about this other than finishing our job before the deadline. Hope you’re ready to stay up late for the rest of the week.” Billy said, letting out a deep breath as he took the hammer from Inky and went to work.



     The day after, it started to rain heavily all across the North Pole. The storm was uncalled for, as the weather should be clear at the end of the year, as it always has been.


     Reports of the sighting of a massive winged creature were increasing by the day. Making things worse, more and more elves are vanishing with each sighting. Even the head elf Billy talked to the other day vanished from his home, the only clue being the massive footprints around his home.


     “Oh no, Billy? Do you think they took my cats?” Inky half-panicked. “I know, I’ll bring them to work from now on.”


     “I doubt that anyone can take all your cats, even if they have two of Santa’s rucksacks.” Billy mused, picking up a peg and placing it over its position to be hammered.


     “I’m scared Billy.” Inky said, painting a wooden nutcracker.


     “Everyone is, Inky.” Billy answered, hammering a wooden peg into place. “If this storm keeps up, old Santa can’t even get off the North Pole without being struck by lightning.”


     “Good gracious!” Inky exclaimed. “If he can’t leave the North Pole… then… then…”


     “The presents won’t be delivered.” Billy finished the sentence for him.


     “That’s horrible! We can’t have that happening! Billy, we can’t let it ruin Christmas!”


     “We all know that Inky.” Billy said, putting down the finished toy and picking up the next. “Get back to work, we have much to do.”



     Time flies, and now it is Christmas morning. The remaining elves, now half the number of what they used to be, woke from their short nap and finished the paint job on the remaining toys.


     “And that’s the last of them.” Inky said, putting down the paintbrush in his hands. “Billy, I’m sleepy…”


     “Now that we have done our part in finishing the toys… Jimmy!” he called out to the elf given the job to train the young reindeers for the trip. “Are the reindeers ready?”


     “They are a bit nervous, but they’ll make it through!” Jimmy’s voice came through the corridor. He came in, leading a herd of young reindeers that are dragging a sleigh.


     The elves then gather to stuff all the finished toys into Santa’s rucksack. But then, it was interrupted by the crashing of one of the windows.


     “What was that?” one of the elves asked, turning towards the source of the noise.


     “LOOK!” an elf shouted, pointing at something outside the broken window. Outside, amidst the raging snow, hail and rain, a great head of a pale blue, reptile-like creature was staring back at the elves. “D-D-DRAGON!”


     If the mere sightings of the creature is enough to make the elves shake in their boots, imagine what the presence of a dragon can do! The elves instantly panicked, running and trying to get as far away from the dragon as possible. The reindeers struggled against the reins that linked them to the sleigh, despite Jimmy’s efforts to calm them down.


     The dragon forced its way through the window, showering more shattered glass pieces at the elves. It took a few moments, as it seemed to have trouble getting its body through, but in the end the dragon was in the hall with the elves, its massive leathery wings outstretched.


     Well, Santa’s toy factory does have some ‘fun’ security measures. A few life sized wooden nutcrackers marched into the hall, their teeth gnashing to make a loud cracking noise along with the heavy stomps of their boots. These are creations of some of the finest elves, made of iron wood to make sure that they can take quite a beating.


     Most of the elves took the chance to flee, when the dragon is distracted by the nutcrackers. “Come on Billy! We need to go!” Inky shouted, pulling Billy’s sleeve.


     “No, something’s not right with the dragon…” Billy said, staring at the dragon’s movements. Being one of the toy factory’s elves in charge of making sure the toys work as they should, Billy has developed a keen sense of studying movement. “It’s not moving like what a real dragon should…”


     Observations gathered in Billy’s mind. ‘The dragon seem to be able to move at most two limbs at a time. Its roar is monotonous, as if recorded. And the sound made when the dragon’s tail hit the nutcrackers sounded too dull to be bone… Recorded roars, restricted movement, solid bone structure… It’s a toy…’ Billy came to a realization. The dragon is a toy.


     The dragon turned around, letting its tail smack the nutcrackers out of the way. It took a few great steps towards the trapped reindeers and gobbled them whole, along with poor old Jimmy, who has Santa’s rucksack. All that’s left was the sleigh, with its snapped reins.


     After that, the dragon seemed to have lost interest and went out the way it came in, leaving the workshop in a mess. With a great flap of its powerful wings, it took off. But then it can’t fly, maybe because of the amount of weight it has eaten, and it began to run instead.


     The elves came out from hiding, and began panicking once more. With the young reindeers gone, there’s nothing to pull the sleigh.


     “Inky, call out your cats.” Billy said.


     “What for?” Inky said.


     “We’re chasing after the dragon.”


     Elves who overheard their conversation gasped. “What, are you bonkers?” “It’s dangerous!”


     “The dragon is not a dragon. It’s a toy.” Billy announced. “Inky, the cats?”


     “Gimme a sec Billy!” Inky said and started to whistle a cheery tune.


     Moments later, Inky is surrounded by so many cats, their combined meows drowned out his whistling.


     “Inky, get them linked the sleigh.”


     “But the reins are broken…”


     “Cookies and Milk! What happened here?” Santa’s voice was heard. “Looks like someone’s naughty today.”


     “Santa!” the elves cried. “Christmas is ruined!”


     “Mr. Santa.” Billy asked. “We need your help, can you fix the reins so that Inky’s cats can let us chase after the dragon?”


     “Well, it’s Christmas! Of course I will! I can’t fix it, but I can make a new one!” Santa said, and began to rub his gloves. “Here we go, ho ho ho!”


     Out of nowhere, reins appeared on the sleigh and the cats. “There you go Billy. Inky,” Santa turned to the elf. “That’s a lot of cats.”


     “We have got no time to waste, Inky, get on!” Billy said. “Thank you Santa! We will bring the elves back I promise!” he said and they took off, the cats meowing.


     “After the trail!” Inky shouted and off they go.


      Along the road, Inky began to sing:


Dashing through the snow,

In a one hundred cat sleigh.

Dragon’s lair we go,

On a Christmas’ day!

Bells on bob cats ring,

Making Christmas right.

Santa, Inky’s gonna bring

The lost toys home tonight!


Jingle bells!

Meow meow meow!

Meow meow all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to ride,

In a one hundred cat sleigh.

Jingle bells!

Meow meow meow!

Meow meow all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to ride,

In a one hun-dred cat sleigh…




     “Come on Billy, sing with me!” Inky said.


     “We don’t have time for that.” Billy said “And you know very well I can’t sing. There it is!” he pointed at a cave in front of them. They stopped outside the cave and went in, cautious.


     “It all started to make sense…” Billy said. “At first the tools were stolen, with some elves and the sleigh … They were used to make the toy dragon… They must have needed more elves, that’s why the dragons are kidnapping the elves…”


     They got into a large cavern and spotted the toy dragon, now without its skin layer. It is a great steel contraption, with reworked sleigh working as a body, also as to help the contraption fly.


     Underneath the sleigh are where water sprinklers and a few loose wires are set. They must have used the sprinklers to spray water into the nearby clouds and charge them with electricity with those.


     Behind the sleigh is a cage, with the young reindeers, Jimmy and the rucksack in it, and they are being led out by, to Billy and Inky’s surprise, the reindeers who went missing since the break in. The reindeers let them out and ushered them to the next cavern.


     “Come on Inky.” Billy said and tiptoed his way to the next cavern.


     “Undercover Inky reporting sir.” he whispered and rolled on the ground after him.


     Billy took a quick look into the next cavern, the missing elves are all there, Miley, Timmy, Lily… all there, working on some toy dragon parts. They all have their legs tied to the table, the knots placed out of reach of their short arms.


     “Inky, go and untie the knots on that aisle, I’ll untie those over there.” Billy said and snuck under one of the tables and began untying, while telling the freed elves to remain seated and be quiet.


     It took a while, but they did it in the end. And all the freed elves, and Billy and Inky, stood up and went to the next cavern, where the reindeers are.


     They were stopped by two adult reindeers blocking the path. It let out a few loud grunts and from behind them, dozens of miniature toy dragons marched forth.


     Inky laughed and let out a whistle that echoed through the cave. His cats came into the scene, obviously outnumbering the toy dragons.


     Both sides came to a standstill when a loud grunt came from behind the two reindeers. They parted and a much larger reindeer came into sight, his nose red.


     “Rudolph, why are you doing this?” Billy asked.


     All he got in answer is a multitude of grunts and wheezes. And the two reindeers next to him seem to nod and let out a wheeze in approval, to whatever Rudolph just said.


     “What did he say?” Billy asked. “Jimmy do you understand them?”


     “No I don’t.” he answered. “They all understand English for all I know.”


     “Wait.” Inky said, lifting up a cat. “Ol’ Grumpy here understands. Grumpy, what did he say?” Inky asked the cat and the brown patched cat meowed a few times and Inky nodded.


     “This is getting weirder by the second.” Jimmy whispered to Billy.


     “M-Hmm, okay…” Inky said and turned to the elves. “Grumpy said, that Rudolph said, that the reason the reindeers are doing this is because that they hated Christmas due to the fact that they have to fly around the world within a night, which is already a tiring feat, with the addition of pulling the sleigh with fat Santa and his rucksack full of toys adding to the burden.”


     “Ho ho ho! Rudolph… you naughty little boy…” Santa joined the elves. “Cookies and milk… I think I lost five pounds for running that far.”


     “Santa, we dragged you here.” a few elves appeared behind him.


     “Now Rudolph, it’s not nice to ruin Christmas you know?” Santa said, ignoring the elves. Rudolph nodded.


     “I am defeated, he says.” Inky translated.


     “Ho ho, Inky, there’s no need of translation, I understand him. I looked after him ever since he’s a cute little reindeer calve…”


     “He says you’re embarrassing him.” Inky said.


     “Santa. What about the storm outside?” Jimmy asked.


     “Oh, it cleared out when we arrived here.” he patted his belly.


     “Without the dragon to water the clouds, the clouds ran out of water and returned to normal I see.” Billy said.


     “Yay!” Inky leaped. “We saved Christmas!”


     And the cavern was filled with cheers and laughter.



     That night, the sleigh was removed from the dragon and Santa’s rucksack was retrieved. The reindeers are once more back to pulling the sleigh. The elves and Inky’s cats all gathered around Santa, the sleigh and the reindeers outside the cave.


     “All set Mr. Santa.” Jimmy said, loading the heavy rucksack onto the back of the sleigh.


     “Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!” Santa said. “Let’s go Rudolph!”


     Rudolph grunted and the reindeers took off to the skies.


     “Rudolph said he hate his job.” Inky said, listening to Grumpy.


     “We all do, Inky, we all do.” Billy said, looking at the sleigh as it slowly shrunk to a dot in the sky.


Credits to:

Evil Necropolis Wolf – “I was watching anime called "Wolf´s Rain" so I was thinking of "Santa´s Cloudburst" or "Reindeer Torrent." (Sorry I still have show on my mind, I kinda chose words that were related to rain.) Plot, I was thinking of something went wrong with Christmas and they had to fix it in some way; if something bad happen to they would say "Let´s meet again at the North Pole." (I´m trying to stay way from the Wolf´s Rain plot as much as possible, but the one saying show kept popping into my head. The one saying was "Let´s meet again in paradise.")”


Maddy !! – “i just recently watched a film called Grumpy cats christmas and that inspired me of how to write a christmas book check it out”


Ivor – “Inky and the grumbling rumpus. Take it from there.”


Jeff the Wolf – “Billy The Elf”


Jeff the Wolf – “it can be like theres this ice dragon thing at the north pole and tries to eat the elves and billy the elf must defeat teh dragon lol i dunno XD”


Jeff the Wolf… Again –but it turns out teh dragon was a robot BEING CONTROLLED BY TEH REINDEERS DUN DUN DUNNN”

If you guys enjoyed it, hit the sub button to let me know :D

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