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lucus - first chapter
Julie.I.F | Published 239 days ago


May 1st 1999 ,son of Abby Conn and SAM mills 

name.Lucas Conn mills . doctors in the delivery room were shock to see a young infant surviving a massive brain damage but they dont know how it could be . im sam mills and my handsome young boy name lucas isnt supposed to be alive my wife abby crashed and broke her ribbs not only that she was pregnant with my first only son . i rushed my wife with my son inside her to hospital ,nurse may said everything seems fine just broken brokens to the mother but the babby will be fine . with brings us back here in the waiting room thinking about how im son will look and if my wifes okay i check in my pockets with a few couple bucks . i thought to myself to get a quick snack to clam myself down a bit maybe im just a bit nerves . few hours later "Mr.Milll" Dc.gigi said with a low suddle voice ´´ im sorry but i think your son isnt gonna live much longer we are running test to see whats wrong in the men time your wife needs you and im sorry we couldnt save her ......she past out and stop breathing ´´ Crying i rushed to see my wife getting colder by the second clutcing her hand as tight as i could hoping that she would come back ..wake up and . my son i hear crying is is only just a baby .sir nurse may said .. come see this .... what i said ...your song has a mircal condition but it can turn into a diese you see you boy has only half of his brain left in his head its cause by a crash but there a harden blood clot that tricked his body somehow into thinking its the rest of the brain . she hands me a card with a number and contact information on it "call this number and the will find what wrong or what and how this happend " congrats MR.mills 

Poll: what do you think mr.mills shoud do

call the number
get medical help
prepare for the infants death
look on google for answers
look for a new wife
put the kid in a foster care
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