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Ask or Dare Meh.... and a few other people ^^ - first chapter
Kay Winter | Published 237 days ago

Hello my fellow Snowflakes. ^^

Now most of you are probably wonder these following questions

Why am i here? (Because i dragged you to read my sad looking ask or dare book)

Can i leave? (*sniffs* u-um........i guess if you want)

Is this book gonna be good ? (*Straightens up and smiles* ill try my best.......)

So you can dare anyone on here......but i will only pick the characters i want to hang out with....... they could be the guest star...... *-*

Ah in any case I should start thinking of some dares or questions...if your not gonna comment

To those who didnt want to be here in the first place *I send you away with  (your favorite snack and some snowballs* See you later Snowflakes^^

Table of contents:

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Emm's books
I dare you to kiss your hand 5 times and look under your pillow to find..................................................................................................... NOTHING
Updated 92 Days ago
psychic friend fredbear
i dare you to go out side in the woods and scream "slenderman slenderman come save us" 3 time
Updated 234 Days ago

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