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Animal Crossing Wild World diaries - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 800 days ago

Money Cheat: As you can see from the cover of this book, on Animal Crossing Wild World I am rich! I have many more bells in the bank actually over 100,000,00 to be precise. Wanna end up like me? Well carry on reading 😊 If you cant understand me, there is a video of it on youtube so you can watch it there. 😊 It basically doubles your money.
There are a few things you will need in order to do this cheat. You will Need:
A cardboard box (You may start with one of these but you can also buy one from Tom Nook)
100 bells x2
The bells you wanna double. You could start with 1000 bells and keep on doubling as you go along.

You drag one of your 100 bells onto the floor and with this part you have to be speedy. You quickly drag your next 100 bells after and then as fast as a bullet, you have to drag your cardboard box onto the floor straight after your 100 bells. If you have done this in the correct way, you will find that there are your 100 bells on the floor and the box next to them with 100 bells on them. Then you stay where you are and drag your money that you are going to double, eg 99000 and it should go on top of the box also. Next, you pick up the 100 bells that are on the floor and then go to the corner of your cardboard box and your character should take the money keep doing it and then move your box in any direction you choose. The money should be left floating. You then just pick the money up and the box and money should be packed away. In your pockets you should find your money has doubled.

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👽 Toby the alien 👽
i ust to go on that but i don know were it is :-( i named my town space and my character alien lol space alien! alien living in space!! :-)
Updated 800 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Hope this helped or you just enjoyed reading even if you don´t play Ww. This game 🎮 gives me a lot of memories! 😊
Updated 800 Days ago

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