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Being a Host for a sleepover survival guide - first chapter
Francy | Published 139 days ago

Step one:

Chapter one:

the day before make a timetable

almost the same as mine:

6:00~ wake up
6:05 check timetable
6:10 make bed
6:15 Go to Charlie and Maverick
6:20 Jump onto bed and see if Kiara is on Aj!
6:30 or more read a book(s)
7:00 or less Clean my desk
7:15 Dogs
7:20 Handball
7:25 Craft a dog for friends
7:45 break
8:00 Making a welcome sign
8:15  Practice ACROBATICS!
9:00   do my hip hop dance
9:05  check is playlist works
9:25 clean room
9:35 arrange baging area
9:37 dogs
9:42  Chose something to wear
9:52 Check lounge room, garage and bedroom
10:02 cleaning my closet
10;22  break
11:00 add music on playlist
11:30 Play Carz
12:00 Break
12:30 read
12:45 dogs
1:00 get excited for SLEEPOVER!
1:23 meditation
1:53 film a Video
2:03 dogs
2:08 fantage
2:38 handball
248: dogs
2:53 create a dance
3:43 brush my hair
3:48 get dressed
3:53 go outside and wait

this should be planned the day before but done the day your friends come over but when they are not at your house so a little like mine

Table of contents:

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