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Rivals - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 839 days ago

Miss Ice

You were a child traveling with your adoptive parents who are scientists, on a voyage into part of Antarctica, you parents decide it is okay for you to do some exploring on your own, but when you return to look for your parents they have frozen to death. You wander around the frozen desert that is when you discover the ancient ice gods in an ice cave that tell you that you are their long lost daughter! Now, you bear the weight of their power, until you find a way of appeasing the mighty deities!

Generating and Controlling Ice - Your powers mean you can generate and control ice - whether its blasts of super-chilled air, walls of solid ice, freezing your enemies solid, you can be as cold as space or derided ice

Perfect Aim - Your skills and abilities give you perfect aim - its impossible for you to not hit your target, no matter what weapon you may be using!

Teleportation - You are able to instantly transport yourself from one location to another!

Telekinesis- Moving matter with your mind

Phasing - Your power means that you can phase the atoms of your body, meaning you can walk through walls!

Fast Learning - You have instant and absolute recall of anything you see, and there is no limit to the amount of information you can learn!

Super-Intelligence - You have incredible mental powers and heightened intelligence, giving you the ability to solve any problem!

Fast healing and healing others

Now, you protect the world from villains and monster, while also battling the evil plans of The Wrong Shade

Miss Ice has long light blue hair and baby blue eyes.


The Wrong Shade

You were a child that ran away from abusive parents that never truly loved you. Starving to death and walking around you have a late-night encounter with a mysterious stranger leaves you fatally wounded and cursed with bizarre new abilities! You dont treat it as a curse but a gift and you ended up killing the stranger as a thank you. You are a dark and UN killable soul that wanders around the world causing chaos. You make sure that every child you encounter goes to bed with nightmares.


Shadow Control - You can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide or even as a mode of transportation (traveling from one shadow to another)!

Summoning the Dead - Your mystic powers give you the ability to bring any dead body back to life and control it!

Manipulating and Controlling Light - Your powers mean you can manipulate and control light, using it to create illusions or blind your opponents!

Levitation: Always levitation because you feel like it. You can levitate to the point you can fly.

Gravity Manipulation - You have the ability to control gravity itself, making objects or people heavier or lighter, or even turning everything around you into zero gravity!


Invisibility- With the power of invisibility, you could vanish in the blink of an eye using your mind.


Super-Strength - Your powers mean youre now the strongest person alive, able to hurl cars at fleeing bad guys, knock over buildings with your bare hands, and accidentally wrench doors off their hinges at every opportunity.

Persuasion - You are able to make anyone do whatever you ask of him or her, simply with the power of your voice!

Fast healing

Has a punk side shaved but long black hair and has gray eyes.

The Wrong Shades Point of View:

My army is near the town now and very soon theses people will be overrun with chaos. The people have to die some time or the place will be too happy and crowded. They will thank me when I am done. Hey, what does not kill you makes you stronger in other words through love. I observe from affair as the dead starts ripping the town apart.

Miss Ices Point of View:

According to my readings, it looks like an army is attacking Maplesville better get over there and quick. I teleport to the destination and I make it to the center of the town. Quickly I look around and I hear screaming. I follow the sounds and I find the army. It is an army of the undead. Thinking quickly I freeze the ground around the town making it difficult for them to cross. The dead step onto the ice and they instantly freeze. The army learns and they start walking around or they toss rocks to make stepping-stones yet the ice freezes the rocks making them crumble. Then a very strong undead warrior manages to jump other the ice and I immediately attack him with my ice sword. It is sliced in half and falls to the ground. It still tries to crawl around but I kick it onto the ice and it instantly freezes. The people cheer from behind me and this surprises me a little. Look you all need to get your families and get out of here. It is far too dangerous. Please just get out of here. They all stop cheering and they run grabbing everything they can grab. I make sure that they get a safe exit and continue to fight the army off. More of the army jumps over the ice. I teleport onto a roof and mass freeze the area making sure to get every last zombie. Some of them seem to have adapted to the ice so I finish them off with my sword. Doing a last double check over the town to make sure they are all dead for good. It all looks good so I use my telekinesis to carry all the bodies back to their graves. I make sure that they are buried back up. Then I find the townspeople hiding in the forest. Everything is okay now. It will take some time for the ice to melt so please dont touch it. You are free to go back home. They all cheer and thank me. I smile to them in return and run back to the gravesite. Looking around I find the culprit and walk up to him. He does not look all too happy and he does not seem to want to talk to me. He stands up and looks down to me from the tree then sneers. You should put an end to this Shade. This is getting ridiculous and I cant keep cleaning the messes you make. He jumps down to me and pulls out a sword, this does not faze me. The Wrong Shade is his name and he loves to create chaos everywhere he goes. We have known each other surprisingly not that long but it seems that we got our power around the same time. It also feels like we are similar in a way that we are both on our own. I have the gods but I was human first. Icy stop talking to me like a mom. You cant control me. I cross my arms at his stubbornness. Look I can do whatever the hell I feel like and you cant stop me. You can slow me down all you want but eventually, you will loose and when you slip up it will hurt a lot more than when I loose. You are such a sucker for the humans that you will actually die for them. He pushes me and continues to tease me but I dont let it get to me but that does not mean that I wont fight back. It is hard work to be a hero but at least I wont have to feel the guilt of killing innocent civilians. If I loose I will only try harder and I dont plan on losing to scum like you Shade. Then he disappears and reappears behind me. He loosely wraps his arms around my hips and leans heavily into me almost making me fall forward from the sudden movement. Quit it! He eases off and turns me around so I am facing him. His fingers dig into my shoulders. Look here I dont feel guilty but I think you would deep down inside. You care for those humans and you would die for them like I said before. The guilt of loosening would be mightily heavy. You would loose them and you would remember how it was like to lose your parents, all over again. Humans are not worth putting your emotions in but they will only hurt you in return. You should just quit before you get too deep into the drama. This is a word of advice from a friend to a friend. Do you really want to get hurt Icy? His words hit low and I dont want him to know. Got to keep it together. We are not friends and we never will be Shade. The only one that is hurting here is you. With that said he lets go of me and then steps back. Your loss then. We could have been friends I guess I know who the closed minded person is. Goodbye Icy. We will see who loses in the end. With a smirk, The Wrong Shade flees into the night. What an immature boy he is.   


Table of contents:

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