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Francine and Chrissy - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 849 days ago

Francine and Chrissy

Francines POV: Today is like so boring! Its a rainy day and Im too scared to go outside incase my mascara smudges. Enough of that. Ok my name is Francine Thunder and Im 12 years old. I have pale blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear a blue hoodie that has big white polka dots on it. I wear a black t shirt underneath with coloured polka dots on it. I wear blue eyeshadow and sometimes I wear mascara. My annoying twin sister is like the opposite to me she doesnt even look her age. I mean she looks about 5! Lets just say, Im the pretty one. I like applying makeup and painting my nails. Right now Im sat in my room typing this. I have a lot of products whoch I dont like people to touch. I even wrote a clear notice saying "Please do not touch, these products are very rare and I do not want your dirty hands touching them" I said it nice enough! And what does my sister go and do? Touch them. Yes touch them. She doesnt use them for her self though, she uses them for her dolls. She sprays her dolls with my perfume and she uses my lipstick as facepaint. I mean isnt she too old for dolls and facepaint?? I grew out of them like 10 years ago. I like to go shopping and buy lots of lovely new outfits. Ive got to go now. my best friend Olivia has asked for me to go to her house. Goodbye!

Chrissys POV: Hiiiiiii!!! Soo nice to meet you!! Im Chrissy Thunder! I am 12 years old. Its raining out but I can entertain myself. How are you? Im feeling great! I have bright blonde hair and greyish blue eyes. I dont like to wear makeup but I sure love facepaint! I wear a pink hoodie with white polka dots on it and a white t-shirt with colourful polka dots printed all over it. I sure do love polka dots! My sister is really, really annoying. She cant even havea bit of fun! Shes so boring. Once I went to borrow her products and she was furious! I only wanted to use her lipstick and eyeshadow as facepaint. Were is the harm in that? Its only a bit of fun! Well she doesnt understand that because she doesnt even know what the word fun means. I like drawing and dancing and the sun! Well I love summer! My boring old sister Francine prefers winter. How could anyone in the world be so boring?! I have a sweet tooth. I looovee sweet things! Treats such as donuts, candyfloss, brandysnap, icecream, pancakes. I get hungry just thinking about them! Anyway Ive got to go. My bestie Bella has knocked to see if I am larking out, so seeya!

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Great story so far keep going magical dreamer!!🤘💖💖
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Magical dreamer

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