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Life of Moe - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 862 days ago

For younger readers and older xD
-Monday Morning-
Moe was asleep in his room. The lights were turned off and the curtains where shut. Moe is 5 years old and is very miserable. He likes bad news instead of good news, he likes the rain instead of the sun. He likes the Curtains shut all day long even when it´s a hot day out. He sure loves kippers! Moe was stinking in bed like a stinkbomb not wanting to get up and go to school. Moe hates school, he isn´t well behaved there and just messes around with his friends all of the time. "Moe! Are you coming down for some scotch porridge oats, Moe?" Shouted Moe´s mother Agnes in her scottish accent. "No!" growled Moe in his nasty croaky voice. "I want kippers and I want them now!" Moe shouted to his mother. "Oh ok Moe." she said and made Moe some kippers, his favourite. Moe didn´t hardly get a wash as he was very scruffy. He just brushed his fangs. Moe has fangs and he shows them to people when he´s angry with them to frighten them off. Moe can be a bully and in his head he´s in charge and everyone else is just small fry swimming below him. Moe didn´t even bother to comb, brush or style his hair. He just left it in his usual scruffy style, it just sticks out like somebody having a bad hair day. Moe liked it like that. He had white hair with one black streak on each side. Moe has little bits of silver in his hair because he once dyed it. "Moe! Come down and sit at the table and each your kippers Moe!
Moe felt happy, this was one of the only moments when Moe did feel happy. He only felt happy when he was going to eat kippers or get his own way. Moe gobbled them up and smelt of kippers. "Are you going to get a bath tonight then Moe?" Asked his mother. "No!!!" growled Moe in an evil tone of voice. "Oh Moe don´t be like that," said his mother. She always says that. "Get lost!" Moe croaked. "You need to stop been cheeky Moe and show some respect for your parents," said Moe´s father Hendry, who is also scottish. Moe didn´t reply. Moe is a little bit nervous of his dad and isn´t as cheeky to him as he is to his mother. Moe left the door and was on his way to school. He saw one of his best friends Wolfgang on the way to school. "Hey Moe!" Said Wolfgang. "Ay! hello!" Said Moe in his scottish accent for once. Andrew Cross one of Moe and Wolfgang´s friends was approaching. "Hey you two!" said Andrew and he waved happily. Wolfgang is also a bully like Moe and can be really mean. Andrew just laughs along with it but secretly he doesn´t like to. He just does it to fit in with Moe and Wolfgang. He wants to be cool. They were heading towards to green building which was their school. Moe growled angrily as he hated school. "Meh.." said Andrew, a bit annoyed that it was school. "Bloody hell! This all over again! We don´t get enough flaming weekends!" Complained Wolfgang. Moe didn´t say anything, he just continued growling. On his way into the school building, Moe saw another one of his school friends, Gordon- Douglas Core. Gordon is a bit of a nerd and likes to study and complete all of his homework and work in class. Moe laughs at him and can sometimes be horrible to him. Moe is only friends with Gordon so he can copy from him and get his homework done for him. "Did you do that homework for me or not??" Asked Moe quickly and angrily. "Yes I did," said Gordon and passes Moe his homework booklet. It was completed. "Good! Lets make sure it stays like that shall we?" Growled Moe and he headed to class. First of all he had registration with his teacher Miss Meeko. She smiled at everyone as they entered the classroom and she began to complete her register. "Right class silence please whilst I am doing the register."
"Andrew Cross?"
"Greta Gallby?"
"I´m here miss!"
"Moe Mcann?"
"Here," Moe growled.
Miss Meeko finshed off the register and began to teach the kids maths. Moe was daydreaming and got a yellow card. Moe began to stare out the window. "Right then children! What is 2+2?" Miss Meeko asked and nobody raised their hand. "Right then, I´m going to pick on somebody to answer. Urmm.... Moe!" Moe looked at the teacher angrily. "What is 2+2?" Moe looked at Miss Meeko "22!" Moe answered been cheeky. "No it´s 4 we´ve gone over this plenty of times now, you´re just been cheeky Moe!" said Miss Meeko and gave Moe an amber card. Finallt maths was over and Miss Meeko taught the children some English. They did a little test. Moe never listens in class so he got 0 out of 40 marks
but Moe didn´t care. Soon enough it was breaktime and Moe and his classmates rushed off to the eating area and the playground.

(Sorry guys I´m too tired to write anymore tonight. It´s 11pm here and I´ve got school tomorrow! I better go to bed now before it´s too late! I´ll finish this day in the next few days! That sounded confusing but you get what I mean! Bye for now! XD

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Keep going. You write well. good spelling and grammar. Lets see what happens next.
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