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Best friends are made - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 929 days ago

It all began on a very boring day. A Sunday infact. I was sat on my bed wrapped up in my galaxy quilt reading a book about cats although I was getting bored. I have read that book lots, thirty two times to be precise. I had nothing else to do. My dad Mars walked into my bedroom. He looked at me and said, "Dreamer, you look quite bored." ′Oh no!′ I thought to myself. He had figured out that I was bored. I hope he doesnt make any suggestions on things to do. His suggestions are awful and embarassing. They are always embarassing as they are with him and he is very embarassing. He once suggested for him and I to go for a ride around town in his rusty old fire engine, which has ruined red paintwork covered in scratches. You see, he used to be a firefighter and he bought his own fire engine. He cant just do that I mean wheres the fire?! He also once suggested to do a funky dance around town to raise money for illness. Im terrible at dancing and hes worse than me! So its not like wed make any money anyway, more than anything, wed just be making big fools of ourselves. Surely hes the most embarrassing dad in the world?
Everything turned out fine. Finally he made a normal suggestion! He said he had found a club for me to go to during the rest of the summer holidays and he had a leaflet all about it. I eagerly grabbed it from his hand and took a look at it.
It said:

Activity centre 4 Mystic Road
Includes many different activites Cluston town
Its full of fun and theres something for
everyone! For 5-14 year olds. Activities include: Cycling, drawing & crafts, reading, story writing, mountain climbing and much more! Also includes lots of yummy food and treats such as: Icecream, Jam sponge and custard, hot dogs and even salads! Please call Moe on 07201505921431 for more details or if you would like to join. Many thanks.

I read through the leaflet again and again and my eyes went as big as saucers. After reading through that information, I knew that I definitely wanted to go to that activity centre. Especially because of the delicious food! "Mars? Cant you give them a ring to see if I can go? I really want to!" Im allowed to call my dad Mars. Its his first name and he prefers it. He smiled and said "Of course! I knew it was a good idea all along!" And he picked up the phone and dialed the number printed on the leaflet.
Moe: Hello. What would you like?
Mars: Hi I was just wondering if my daughter would be able to become a member of the Activity Centre?
Moe: Yes of course she can! We have lots of spaces left! Can I have your daughters name please?
Mars: Bear with me. Its a very unique name. It is Dreamer.
Moe: We need her last name obviously!
Mars: Oh, Its Silver.
Moe: Dreamer Silver. Got it and your name?
Mars: Its Mars Silver.
Moe: Can I have your phone number please for safety reasons?
Mars: Sure its 03027932191124
Moe: Ok! Ive got it. Dreamer will be able to join tomorrow! She will need a bag with some suncream as its going to be hot out and she can also bring her personal belongings with her. Well supply her with food and equipment so you wont need to worry! Oh, and youll need to fetch her here at 11:00am and pick her up at 8:00pm. Thats nine hours bursting with fun! Have you got our address?
Mars: Yes. We have it on the leaflet. Thanks for the information.
Moe: No problem! That is all I needed to say really. I hope Dreamer enjoys it with us! Well see her tomorrow. Goodbye!
Mars: Goodbye!
Mars put the phone down and I felt really excited! I couldnt wait until tomorrow. I went downstairs and watched a TV show all about cats. My own cat was sat purring on my knee. We call him Tiger as he has beautiful markings just like a real tiger! I could smell cooking coming from the kitchen. I headed there and Tiger followed me. Mars had just placed a pizza in the oven. As soon as it was ready, I grabbed a couple of slices and headed upstairs. "Where are you going?" asked Mars. "To bed!" I answered. "Its a bit early isnt it?" he said. "Yeah I know but I want to go to sleep so tomorrow will come quicker!" I headed to my room and put my pajamas on and slung my clothes into the wash basket in a very scruffy way. After that, I ate my pizza and I tried to get to sleep. I kept on tossing and turning but in the end I eventually fell asleep.

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Norman Thundercliffe :)
Updated 856 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Thank you so much! xD
Updated 894 Days ago
great start!
Updated 894 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Thanks xD <--- I love that face!
Updated 894 Days ago
Yea ! Good start.
Updated 928 Days ago
This is a good book 😂😂😂
Updated 929 Days ago

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