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Dork Diaries - Valentines day... over? - first chapter
Lomaxxixox | Published 939 days ago

 Wednesday 17th May 2006 

Omg , hi guys!  Welcome to another diary entry by me , the most amazing person alive! The boo head , Gabriella. In two weeks time , it is the school dance , and I am so excited to be going with my crush! Squeeeee!!!!  Together , both of us , dancing on the the classical floor ! It is litreally gotta be the most romantic day.

As I am in grade eight , and I belong to the school council , I have to take care of the hall! So no crushes , no dancing and stuff , until nine! It starts at seven and I will miss two hours with my crush! Boo hoo.

Anyway , we were sitting down , disucussing about the boring stuff about the school dance. Actually , talking about it made me daydream about my crush... , oops , I kinda lost focus there. I was still daydreaming and the leader of the school council was like to me , "Gabriella? Are you awake? Can you please tell us what we have been talking about ?"

I replied back , scratching my head , " Um , about the school dance?" I put on a fake grin and nodded. " Yes , it was about the school dance alright."

The leader shook her head. " I give up. Tommorow night at eight , I´ll meet you in the school hall for a mini party. I´ll see you there".

Oh yeah! :) Because we stopped about an hour and my texted me that I can have nearly two hours with Ryan ( my crush for life ) , so that is amazing! Squee , I´ll send you all the info tommorow , cya.

Table of contents:

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THIS AINT DORK DIARIES ITS JUST SOME BOOK ABOUT GABRIELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dic o21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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