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There have been rumors that someone has been stealing 100-watt light bulbs from Home Depot. However no one can find the culprit strangely when all the thefts have been in the same general location. That is odd. Who is this person? It is my job to take this culprit down. Even if it is a small job this has to be done. Making my way out of the lab I get to work on the case. It looks like this person works at night and that is my favorite time of day. With a grin I walk up to my boss and shake his hand for luck. My girlfriend waits at the door for me and she gives me a disappointed frown. You going out tonight, again! I thought you were going to be with me tonight. I hate that you have this job! I hold back a frown and hug her. I love you too Mary. I thought you understood my line of work. What is so confusing about me having missions that randomly are assigned to me? I thought you told me you could handle this. I am like a superhero and it is my job to stop crime even the little crimes. She rolls her eyes and pushes me away. I guess I cant handle it anymore. We are done I need to be with someone that is there from me. That is the hero I want. We never get to be together and when we plan something, a mission comes up. I am done and I am done with you Voltan. Hope we can still be friends though. She walks out before I can say a thing. Well this sucks.

Feeling slightly hurt and kind of confused I make my way to my car and drive to Home Depot. Mary fills my mind and I get memories of her with me. I day dream about hugging her and her smile the one thing that I love to see every morning. As day turns to night I find myself sleeping and crying. Quickly I wipe my eyes. Then I hear a small thud on my roof and I jerk up to see what it is. I blindly grab for my gun and keep my eyes open. A black blur rushes by then stops, giving me a better view. It appears to be a woman with a silver mask. She is very mysterious looking and she looks to me with glowing yellow eyes. I jump out my jeep and I point my gun to her. She looks to me. Stop what you are doing! Who are you? Reveal yourself at once! She does not comply and she even sticks her tong at me. How immature. I shoot my gun and if fazes through her! She must be a super human like myself! This is very rare to find. There are about 120 or so of us out there and most of them choose to be villains unfortunately.  My abilities keep changing on me and I feel like I get a new ability per year. Though sometimes I forget how to activate them because I dont fight special humans often. The girl looks to Home Depot and dashes for it. I use my super speed to catch up to her. I have to stop her! She is probably more venerable as a human and I need to get her to talk.

Hello. My name is Voltan. What is your name? She does not answer and she phases past the door. I have to unlock the door because I dont have that ability yet. I have tired. I manage to get into the store and I run after her. She runs for the lighting section. What do you need with light bulbs? She does not answer and she even snarls when she cant find 100-watt bulbs. You took all of them last time they are out of 100-watt but please come again when you have money and when you learn that you cant just take them. She looks to me with annoyance. I did get a reaction so I might be close to getting her to talk. She grabs light bulbs and starts removing them in lighting speed with the help of her phasing ability. She places them into her bag. Dont you worry I will pay for them tomorrow. She smiles and disappears like fog in the night.  

I frown to myself for not stopping her. She is a criminal and she needs to be stopped. Stealing is a start to further crimes like murder. I write in the report and all the information I was able to collect. She is about 4 foot 2 inches and wears a silver mask. She has long strawberry blonde hair and golden glowing eyes. Her abilities are super speed and phasing. It is still unknown if she has more special abilities but she is definitely a super human. She could be dangerous and she seems to have a temper. She steels light bulbs and has not caused any property damage. I put the file away and head home for the night. What a defeat and it was not that good of a day. My girlfriend broke up with me and I could not put down the criminal. I do know that she will be here tomorrow and that is the best I can go by.

Being home is nice, I kick up my feet and rest on the couch. Then I am soon disrupted by a knock at the door. I sluggishly open the door to find Mary standing there crying! Mary! What happened? She practically collapses into my arms. She is badly hurt for some reason and she looks in really bad shape. I was attacked on the way home. They grabbed me and beat me for no good reason! I hurt can I stay here with you. Your house was the closest. I nod my head and carry her to my bed. I set her down and grab some medical supplies. Carefully I patch her up and giver her some water. She smiles and thanks me. Thank you so much. I am sorry about this morning. I should not have been so mad. I frown and put my stuff away. Yeah well it is probably for the best. If you feel that unhappy as my girlfriend then it wont work. You deserve the best and if that is with someone who will be there every moment of the day then I wish you good luck. It is nice that you are still willing to be my friend though Mary and I will try to always be there if you need me. I am getting tired now and I need to get up early in the morning. You can rest here until you are well again but I will be gone for most of tomorrow. Call if you need anything, I will be on the couch. Sorry about what happened to you. Happy New Year. I frown and go to bed on the sofa. Mary yells thank you and goodnight to me. I smile and sleep as night turns to day.

My alarm wakes me up and I rush to my room to turn it off the alarm. Mary appears to be in the shower and I need to use it. Guess no shower today. Have a good day Mary I have to report to work! I rush over the kitchen sink and wash myself with some dish soap just in case I smell or something. I gulp down some milk right out of the carton. It tastes bad so I puke it up into the sink. I wash my mouth and grab the chocolate milk. I drink it, it taste good so I keep drinking and make some toast. I put stuff away grab the folder and my backpack then rush out the door. I make my way to the office and I make good time. Hey Hold I will be at Home Depot for who knows how long for so call if you need me. My boss stops me and demands me to give him the report. I do so and he takes some time to read it. Hold has always been a slow reader. It seems we have a superhuman on our hands, interesting, interesting, interesting. I need you to capture her and bring her in alive do you understand. We then can study her. I nod my head and take the file back. I personally dont wish testing for anyone. The tests they do on super humans are a bit cruel and I still try to forget mine. Though if that is what the Boss wants I have to do it. I make my way to Home Depot in my jeep and I drive though morning traffic. It is important to be there early because she may return when ever. Criminals may not always have a plan and they can show up when they feel like it.

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