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Just a Kiss - first chapter
Fakkingu Torasshu~ | Published 969 days ago


The Play
Nao Dueo walked steadily to the stage, trembling in fear, or happiness, no one could tell. All that the judges could tell, is that he look like he was going to collapse any moment. "Nao Dueo?" ask the female judge, starring at Nao with her cold,light purple eyes. "U-Um,Ye-Yes, Thats me!" Nao stammered. If I could be any stupider thought Nao. "Please read line one, to line 13 with the fake princess up there" said the judge.  "U-Uh, YES" Nao practicality shouted. She shook her head, and the other judges exchange glances. 


"My Dear Princess, why must you run and hide from your true love?"  I said, pretty dramatically. The fake princess look away, her blonde hair covering one of her eyes. "Im sorry Prince, but my father commands I must not see you anymore" she said. "But why my love!?" I take a glimpse of the judges and I can see there fascinated by our acting. "Im forced to marry someone else in the royal family!" she exclaimed. "Run away with me, forget about them, we can finally be together!"  She looked at me. "Really?". I get on my knees like im about to propose and take her hand, "Yes my love, we can finally be together, and no one shall get in our way"  And then were supposed to kiss but hell be told, Im not kissing in the auditions. The judges clap. The female judge clearly moved. "That was beautiful, Mr. Dueo, why wont you wait in the backroom until our auditions is done." the female judge said, giving a warm smile. I smile to myself, and go to the backroom. The next turn was the princesses auditions,and some of them forgot there line, and they had paper, paper in their hand!  I fix my white hair. "Oh!" said a boy walking up to me. "Are you the prince that I audition with?" he ask, starring me with his eyes taking interest.  "I dont know, I mean i only audition with one person, and that person was a girl". He laughs. "Oh wow, im sorry, I guess I can cross-dress to well." I tilt my head. "Wha-" I think and then laugh to. "Ha, Ya you can, Im sorry Im Nao, and you are?" I ask taking his hand. "Kishi" he winks and shakes my hand. I smile weirdly. "So Nao, Do you have a girlfriend?" Kishi asks, interested so suddenly in my love life for what reason. I laugh. "No, but I do have a-". I was cut off by my name being called. "Oh, Ill talk to you later!" I yell before going onstage. 

I smile and the female judge eyes me back. "Well, Mr.Dueo, it seems you are the most suitable to play prince, and honestly love that little princess back there, so without further ado, You made the role of Prince!". ´OMG YOU DID IT,YOU LITTLE HOT STUDYING PRINCE´ I mentally shout at myself. My smile, honestly getting bigger and bigger at the second, could have broken my cheek bones, and still be smiling. She shoos me off the stage with a smile, and and another set of paper, filled with my lines I need to learn.  As i´m walking, I see the names that made it to play the part. I mentally congrats my self again, and then I started walking to the bar, which i only go there because one of my best friend is there, and she´s the one that was bugging me to audition.  As i reach the bar, I see a blur before someone jumps up on me, hugging me tightly. 

"AOI!" I yell. She giggles and hugs me tighter. "I´M SO HAPPY FOR YOU NAO!" she yells. I smile and gives her a small hug, I would of gave her a better one, but i was running out of air at the moment she was hugging me to death. "C-CAN´T BREATH AOI" i gasp before she lets go. "Well, how about a juice to celebrate!" she says, dragging me inside the bar. 

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Updated 133 Days ago

Updated 133 Days ago
lolypop not just a kiss lol its the next step to a hole new genaration
Updated 133 Days ago
off topic but what anime is that gif from?
Updated 448 Days ago
Some of them forgot their lines. (not there)
Updated 666 Days ago
I LOVE THIS!!!. I love yaoi especially when it´s in anime!!!
Updated 685 Days ago
Updated 961 Days ago
I need more. I can´t stand one chapter of Yaoi.
Updated 964 Days ago
I need more. I can´t stand one chapter of Yaoi.
Updated 964 Days ago
Yaoi Galaxy
i edited my book ok and more chapters
Updated 966 Days ago
I want a new chapter!!!!!
Updated 968 Days ago

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