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The Bullies and the victim - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 952 days ago

Chapter 1:
I was sat at the front in class, copying down notes from the whiteboard, as I should be. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my head and I felt something stuck in my hair. The whole class was laughing. Shauna and Ebony were laughing very hard, Queenie was cackling like an evil witch, ready to put spells on me. I reached to grab whatever got caught in my fair hair. It was a paper aeroplane. I slowly opened it and on it said in big capital letters "HELLO LOSER." It was no surprise to me but my eyes began to fill up with tears. Shauna, Ebony and Queenie are always picking on me. Shauna used to be my friend, we used to do crafts together and our mothers used to sit and gossip, like mothers do. But then Queenie wanted her in her gang, whatever Queenie wants, Queenie gets. She always started to take Shauna away from me when we were playing games and then Shauna just joined her.. She is always nasty to me now and they gang up on me, making me feel as small as a mouse and very sad. Queenie is worst of all, she has brown hair, tied up in a massive bun on the top of her head, she has wicked brown eyes what seem to stare right into my head and see what I´m thinking, she has shiny white teeth which grin with nastiness. She has a very slim figure and is always wearing belly tops and short skirts. She even wears high heels! Ebony always has her auburn hair down and back combed. She is always wearing thick mascara and bright red lipstick. She wears shorts and t-shirts with logos on them and converse trainers. Shauna has dirty blonde hair which she ties in a ponytail. She usually wears long denim shorts and a sky blue top with pink hearts printed on it. She wears doc martin boots. I just have fair hair which my mum makes me wear in pigtails, which are tied up with a butterfly clip. I wear rainbow glasses and I wear a babyish dress with flowers on it and bunnies.

Table of contents:

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