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Sans Young Life - first chapter
ellieg2006 | Published 951 days ago

One snowy night in Snowdin and a young skeleton called Sans was snowed under a very cold part of Snowdin. A young and very happy skeleton called Papyrus was happily skipping through the snow. Oh what a snowy ground I have to say Papyrus said with a happy grin on his face. Then Papyrus heard a young voice about a year younger than him in the snow. What was that voice where did it come from Papyrus said with confusion. He thought it was his imagination so he continued on his way home. Then tripped over a lump of hard snow and started digging to see what it was. Oh-no a young skeleton I must take him to safety Papyrus said with a brave look. Papyrus got home and told his dad Ghaster Sans was awaking. O what happened all I remember was getting snowed under Sans said with a puzzled look. Ah! who are you both! Sans exclaimed. There was a minute of silence after Sans shouted. We are other skeletons of the underground Ghaster said calmly.

(Sorry for the mistake in the name it is supossed to say Sans sorry)

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