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Not Just A Dog - first chapter
Puppywolf66 | Published 952 days ago

      If you dont like dogs, youd probably say: Its just a dog! But dogs are family, just like a cat (if youre a cat person.) Dogs and cats have lots in common, but I have some reasons why dogs may be better than cats. Like their fur, going to the bathroom, destruction, your health, and how dogs help the community!

Cats and dogs are quite different with their furs and hairs. For instance, cats cough hairballs. Theyre slimy, so whod want to pick it up? And cats shed like mad, especially the fluffy ones! And dont forget about the litter boxes!

Dogs only go to the bathroom a few times a day, Cat people think that you have to take them out fifty times a day! Wrong! Though cats dont go outside to use the restroom, you have to clean their smelly litter boxes! Why do you think the word, litter is in the name? Obviously because its gross! Maybe having a dog isnt that bad! And the destruction? Dont even get me started!

Dogs just chew, they really dont ruin anything. Cats though, they have claws and teeth! They can rip up your 1979 high-class sofa! They can bite off a piece of your chair! They can even break your lamp! Dogs cant even get onto a nightstand, so they cant break your lamp. They cant leave rips on your 1979 high-class sofa, its like a rock, so they cant chew it. Small dogs cannot bite hard enough to rip and chew your chairs, and big dogs would have to work just as hard as cats, and the dog would probably give up quickly. Cats are determined animals you know!

There are a lot of things cats will jump up on that dogs wont. The cat I had for a month would not get off my computer keyboard. Dogs wont do that. Ive also seen cats up on kitchen counters. Your dog also wont climb a tree, (draganescu, 2010).

If you think about it, your average dog wouldnt do any of these things! Unless they think theyre a cat whos actually a dog But even if they think that, theyd struggle to get onto a counter with their weight, and their slippery paws.

Professionals, like doctors say something like this, Owning pets is associated with reducing your risk of heart disease, and there are a variety of reasons that may be at work that influence this relationship. It may be that healthier people are more likely to be pet owners or that people with dogs tend to exercise more. Pets also play a role in providing social support to their owners, which is an important factor in helping you stick with a new habit or adopting a new healthy behavior, In simpler words, it says, owning a pet particularly a dog could help lower your risk of heart disease. (Dr. Glenn N. Levine, 2015)

And finally, dogs do lots more, they help so many people, even the community! They help police, firefighters, blind people, people with allergies, they go sledding, herding, hunting, racing, you can go on forever! Who doesnt want to own a crime-fighting hunting dog?

Maybe, its not just a dog. Maybe its your life-long best friend, or maybe your family. But one thing is for sure, youll never look at them the same way ever again. Because its not just a dog its your one and only hero.

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Thanks Guys, But This Is Really Old Writing,I Really Don´t Like It. I Just Wanted To Give You Guys Something To Read. Thanks Anyway Jixy_The_Ugly And CottonCreepy For Enjoying It!
Updated 947 Days ago
same VVV
Updated 950 Days ago
Ya know, this is super true ,that´s why I love dogs. I don´t like cats cause one time I was trying to give the cat shelter but she/he scratched me. I LOVE DOGS. But.. sadly, I do not own one.
Updated 951 Days ago

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