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Creepy World - first chapter
Osiues | Published 900 days ago

Chapter 1: Entering the Creepfest

It was a beautiful day. The sun was so warm, and with the cool welcoming breeze...ah...I could stay outside all day. But unfortunately its not my call. I have school today. Luckily its Friday. Yay! My favorite day of the week. My friends worry about every Friday though. I always spend it locked in my room reading m favorite scary stories. Or Creepypastas as I have heard they are called. But today I promised Kelly Id help her study for her big test Monday. Shes always worried about her grades. Girl wont even hang out if she has one A-. I wish I was like her, Im not one to usually care about my grades. I just care about my friends, family, and stories. Okay, I might have a problem with them. But who cares? Its what makes me, me. Dang it! The bell, Im late for class. I quickly walk in to my first period and take a seat.

"Late again Miss Beonneaw."

"Sorry Mrs. Howard."

"Its fine, just take your seat."

I run over the my seat sitting down putting my head down with it. OMG! So embarrassing. Its my third time being late.

"We are starting a new project in class today. But, you must work with a partner."

"Yes! Partners!" Screams a girl from the corner of the room.

"Miss Peterson!"


"Go ahead and get with your groups. I want to see groups of two."

I stand up. Everyone is already in groups. Except for one guy. He had to be new I never saw him before. Oh, great. Its Matthew King. The emo kid, no one ever notices him. He has a thing with the darkness or shadows. Well, here goes. I NEED a partner. I walk up to his desk and stare at his dark beanie. I cant look at his eyes, hes has a weird thing against it.

"Hello? Matthew?" I say keeping my voice steadily.

He always creeped me out.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" He says looking up into my eyes.

I look down quickly avoiding them. I always wondered what they looked like.

"No, you didn´t." I say nervously.

"Well, then what do you want? Did I affend you somehow. I´m sorry if I did" He says comly.

"We need to be in groups of two, and I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner?" I said closing my eyes waiting for the gasps and his shoes squeaking as he runs down the hall. But that doesn´t happen.

"I will, if you look into my eyes." He says, I can hear the smirk rise on his face.

"What? But you don´t like it when people look in your eyes."

"I want you to tell me what you see."

"What I see?"

"Yes Anna, what you see."

He....he....he knows my name? How?!


I slowly open my eyes and raise my head. I stare hard into his eyes. They are a nice perfect blue, then I looked deeper. I saw red, blood, rage and horror. I step back widening my eyes. His smirk turns into a deep creepy smile. I can´t do this. I have to get out of here. There is something wrong with him.

"You see see...him."


Suddenly everything goes blank around me. Black spots start to seek in my vision. I have to stop staring. I turn around away from his eyes doing so I turned around to see blackness.

"Anna? Anna? Anna!" screams a voice.


I start to see light again. I see the nurse over me. I sit up and look around the room. I see Matthew or whoever he was walking away. Now I see why no one talks to him. He´s a complete weirdo.

"Anna. are you okay?" asks the nurse.

"I´m fine. What happened?"

"You feel unconscious" says the nurse, "I´m going to call your parents to come get you."

"Alright." I say lying back down on the floor.

(At my house in my room around 8:00 pm)

"Hey Anna I heard about your accident today. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I´m fine. Sorry I can´t help you study tonight Kelly."

"It´s okay, I understand."

"His eyes, I looked into them. They weren´t normal."

"Normal? Did you hit your head to hard?"

"You know what I mean. They weren´t a normal color."

"What color were they?"

"At first, a perfect blue. Then they turned into a horrifying red, raged color."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes! Uh...."


"You! You son´t believe me."

"Maybe. But hey, I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow if you decide to join us."

"Okay, later Kelly."

"Goodnight Anna."

I hang up the phone and lay down on my bed. I knew I wasn´t crazy. Those eyes, the entire experience, it was real. Wasn´t it?

Table of contents:

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