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The Magic of Shady Oak Lane - first chapter
RynneMaxson | Published 900 days ago

Chapter 1

The door creaked shut behind Hannah.

She wished her dad hadn´t bought the old mansion on Shady Oak Lane.  She missed her old friends in California, and her new house was creepy.  She looked around the room, moving her phone’s flashlight around so she could see.  

Good.  The butler wasn´t there.

Mr. Fryer freaked her out.  He had black hair, a sharp face, dark eyes, and a musty old suit that perpetually smelled of mothballs.  

And he walked without a single sound, like a cat.

Hannah walked further into the library.  It was full of dusty books.  On her way to the far bookshelf, she hit a plush chair.  A cloud of dust flew up, billowing in her wake.

She looked up at the floor to ceiling bookshelves which surrounded the room.

She looked up at a big book with a blue spine.

Hannah pulled the heavy book off the shelf.  Hiding it under her jacket, she opened the door.  She turned around for a look at the old library.

When Hannah turned around, Mr. Fryer was standing behind her.  She shrieked.

He didn´t flinch, only stared at her with his cold, unemotional eyes.  

“Excuse me,” she said shakily as she maneuvered around him.  She shivered as she heard him close the door.

She ran up into her room and slammed the door.  Mr. Fryer was just too creepy, especially on a night with a full moon.  

The eerie silver light shone through the glass French doors into her room.  She switched on the light and closed the curtains.

There was a large plush chair in the corner of her room.  She sat heavily on the chair and brushed her black hair out of her eyes so she could see.  The book was blue, with gold writing on it.  Dust covered it like a sheet, cleared away where it had scraped against the inside of her jacket and her fingers.

Hannah set the heavy book on the table and went into the bathroom.  She opened a cupboard and grabbed an old washcloth.  She went back over and wiped the remaining dust off of the cover.

Then she opened it.

On the title page was the most realistic picture of a dragon she had ever seen.  It was snarling at her with yellow teeth, and it had greenish-gold scales.  She quickly turned the page.

“Table of Contents,” she read aloud.  “Rapunzel, Saint George and the Dragon, Griffins, Unicorns,” she skipped around, looking at things.

She opened to page 113, Unicorns.  There was a picture of a unicorn, prancing like a trained circus horse.  It looked like it could have been a photograph of a real unicorn, it was so realistic.  Hannah jumped.  Did it just move?  She could have sworn it just shook its head!

She looked closer.  No, no, it wasn’t moving.  It was just a very good drawing.

Hannah must just be paranoid.  You know, old houses seemed to do that to you.

Her mother called from outside the door.  “Hannah!  Time for bed!”

“Okay, Mom!”  Hannah shut the book and pulled on some pajamas.  After brushing her teeth, she turned on her bedside lamp and started to read.

Soon, she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke at midnight.  What was that?  There was a noise outside of her room.  She grabbed her phone, turned on the flashlight, and crept over to the door, keeping the beam low.  She put her eye to the keyhole.

A green, reptilian eye peered back.  She fell back in surprise.  The creature snuffed at the door.  

Surely it was a dream, or a trick of the mind.

There weren’t lizards that large in Maine anyway, right?  Only in the Galapagos, or somewhere like that.

Should she open the door?

No, best to just let it be, let it be a dream or something of that sort.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the door, slowly.

It was a dragon, light blue, with a stone in its mouth.  It dropped the rounded stone onto the floor.  Hannah hesitated, and it pushed the stone closer with a single claw.  She picked it up.

Hi!  She dropped the stone in surprise.  Hannah picked it up again.  The voice returned.  Hi, new bean!

What was going on?  What did she hear?

To her surprise, it answered her thought.  I am Flame.  Will you scratch my ear for me?  It’s been bugging me for at least 60 years.

“How can you talk to me?” she asked aloud.

It’s the stone.  It’s part of a star that fell, oh, maybe, three thousand years ago.  You don’t have to speak aloud, I can hear your thoughts while you hold it.

“Okay, that’s just about as creepy as Mr. Flyer.” she thought.

That’s what the last bean said.  He stretched a leathery wing.

“What’s a ‘bean’”  Hannah thought, transporting the thought to Flame.

You!  You know, an Oo-man Bean!

“You mean a person.”

No, I mean a bean.

The yellow stone glowed in her hands.  She cupped both palms around it and started to put her eye to the gap between her thumbs.

Don’t do that.

She looked up at the dragon.  “Why not?”

Its got too much power.  Come with me.  I need to take you somewhere.

Flame knelt down and tipped a wing her way, indicating she should climb on.

Well, what did she have to lose?


“Will you stop that?”

The dragon dipped his head in apology and she laughed.

Hannah pulled herself onto the huge dragon’s back between his large horns.  He walked into her room, towards the French doors.  They swung open on their own accord.  Flame pulled himself into the air with his wings, and they flew off.

They flew straight towards the huge, full moon.  Then, they dropped down, into a place she had never seen before.

Which wasn’t altogether surprising, since she hadn’t explored far yet.

Flame landed in the middle of a large field of flowers.  A woman was sitting in a garden chair nearby.  Hannah slid off and bowed.  Somehow, she knew this was no ordinary woman.

The woman rose and spread silvery, filmy wings, like silver skeleton leaves.

“Hello.” the woman said.  Her voice was like music, flowing like water over stones.  “Hannah, you have been requested for a mission.”

Oooh!  A mission.  Flame was waving his wings excitedly.

“How do...How do you know my name?” asked Hannah.

“We have been waiting for those like you, my dear.  Only a Chosen child can save the earth from Böse.”

“Who is Böse?”

“You might call him Evil.  Others the Devil.  Come.”  The fairy led her to a pond.  She pulled a wand out of her dress and tapped the water.  It cleared into a mirror.

Hannah could see herself, the fairy, and Flame in it, until the Fairy tapped it again and said, “Show me Böse.”

The pond rippled, and a black Griffin sat on a black throne in a dimly lit room.  Hannah peered into the reflection.  

The Griffin changed himself with a softly muttered word.  He became a black serpent with red eyes.  Hannah jumped back.  Böse changed himself, or itself, again.  This time, it looked like her Mom.

“Mom?” she said.  “Mom is Böse?”

“Evil can take any form.  That is why Böse can change.  He can look like anyone, or seep into their hearts like poison.  That is why you must stop him.”

“But who are you?”

“I am Mikaella, a fairy serving the Great One.” she tapped the watery mirror, and it filled again with koi and lily pads.

“How can I stop Evil?” Hannah asked.

“With this.”  The fairy stooped and pulled a sword up and out of the pond.

She presented it to the girl, who turned it over in her hands.

“I don’t know how to use this!” Hannah pulled the golden sword out of its sheath.

“You will know, when the time comes.  Climb on Flame’s back, you must go home.”  The fairy herded her back to the dragon.

She climbed up, turning her back to the fairy.  “But…”

Mikaella was gone.  

Hannah looked around for a moment.  She was just there, wasn’t she?  “Okay, Flame.  Let’s go home.”

Okay!  Here we go!  Hold tight.

Flame lurched into the air.  Hannah slipped and grabbed onto Flame’s ears.  I told you to hang on!

He soared through the air, and this time, she was a little better at flying.

Flame walked in the big double French doors and Hannah slid off.  “Thank you, Flame.”  She ran her hand down the huge dragon’s side.

Flame nodded and walked through her bedroom door.  Hannah got into her bed.  

A little while later, she decided to see where Flame slept.  She walked into the hall.  

Flame wasn’t there.  

“Flame!” she whispered.  The Star Stone was on her table.

She looked, but couldn’t find him.  She climbed the stairs into the attic.  All she found was a grumpy old cat and an umbrella.

“Flame?” she called.

The cat wailed in protest to her disturbance..  Hannah sighed and went back to bed.

Table of contents:

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This is amazing! I love this so much! Fantasy and Adventure is what I live for! This is so well detailed and I bet it took you awhile! It has so much thought into it, nicely done Rynne! 10/10
Updated 856 Days ago
Awesome, I want to know what happens next!
Updated 891 Days ago
Great so far ! Keep on writing
Updated 891 Days ago

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