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Boarding school - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 965 days ago

(This story comes from a game me and my 8 year old friend Amelia play in real life)
Waterwing boarding school
Elvis Tuggles:(Played by nobody me and Amelia voice him) Teacher who thinks he is a rockstar, has black hair and looks like Elvis Presley. He thinks he´s cool and he gets upset when all of the children go home for the holidays.
Kiera: (Played by Amelia) 9 year old girl, she can be a little bit bossy. Best friends and cousins with Jessica. Has long brown curly hair and wears pink and purple glasses
Jessica: (Played by Millie, me!) 9 year old girl and she´s caring and kind. She has blue eyes and blonde, combed short hair. She´s friends with Keira and they are also cousins.
Princess: (Played by Macey) A Posh 10 year old girl who is rich and she likes to show off to others, she has high blonde pigtails.
Pixie Star: She´s also quite posh and very popular has long blonde curls.
Violet: She´s funny and kind and she has light blonde hair.

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This is a cool idea. I go to boarding school myself.
Updated 948 Days ago

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