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The Best Of Friends - first chapter
Fakkingu Torasshu~ | Published 1037 days ago

The Best of Friends dont let go, and they will always be by your side" SugarPop gushed. She fliped a paged in her book. "I wished i had a best friend. Then i wont be laughed at for not having any friends" she said to her self. "Sugar time to go to bed darling." said SugarPop mother. SugarPop closed her book and went to sleep.

The next day she went to school. Mrs.Cheerlie said that we would work on a project with our classmates. SugarPop sighed she looked around,everyone was teaming up with there best friends. A little Filly was sitting at her desk and coloring a cute drawing. "Mabye i can team up with her" thought SugarPop. SugarPop walk over to the filly "Hi,im SugarPop wanna be buddies?" The Filly looked up and nodded "Im AngelBlue and i´ll love to be your best friend!!"

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Well you can be my friend:)
Updated 1037 Days ago

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