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The Creator Of The Elements? - first chapter
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This is for violet´s contest.

And this chapter is the backstory.

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Once a long time ago there was a war against Sombra and the ponies of Equestria so the first alicorn made six elements. (the pic at the top) One was a crown with a sun cutie mark at the top. This was the alicorn´s cutie mark. This was the first element of magic. The next had a star, this was her best friend´s cutie mark and her best friend was very loyal. This was the first element of loyalty. The next one was a heart. It was her sister´s cutie mark. She was the most generous person the alicorn knew. This was the first element of generosity. The next one was a purple rain drop. It was her other best friend´s cutie mark. She was the most funny person she knew. This was the first element of laughter. The Next one had a green flower. This was her other sister´s cutie mark. She was the kindest person she knew. This was the first element of kindness. The last was one with a dark blue star. This was her brother´s cutie mark. He was the most honest person she knew. This was the first element of honesty. Together they used the elements of harmony to defeat Sombra. 

Table of contents:

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Hermana De La Sangre
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