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Another StoriesCity Writing Contest - first chapter
cordiowl | Published 983 days ago

This is a StoriesCity writing competition, not a book; not yet.

So recently a lot of writing competitions have popped up, and I decided, "Hey, Im completely unoriginal and I need something to do."

Now you have another competition.

The theme of this competition, as you may have already guessed, is going to be "friendship". 


If you dont want to write about friendship, you can write about magic instead. Or you can do both, whatever you want. 

All books will be accepted so long as it follows these guidelines:

1) Have an element of friendship and/or magic

2) Does not make fun of actual people

In order to win:

1) It must be easy for me to see that there is indeed friendship, magic or both

2) Should be fun to read (whether it be due to humor or even emotional moments)

3) Should have a minimum of two characters

Up to you:

1) How many characters there are (as long as theres at least two) 

2) Length of the story

3) Genre of the story

*4) Rating of the story (I suggest you rate it, especially if it has any vulgar or inappropriate content)


It is not necessary for you to rate your story, BUT if I see any over the top swearing and such, and your story doesnt have a warning at the top, it will not be accepted.

Choosing the winner:

This all depends on how many entries there are. If theres enough, I will choose two or more stories I think have a chance of winning and I will make a poll with the candidates stories, and the winner will be decided by everyone else.

Due Date: July 30th

If you have any questions, feel free to message me at any time.


SIlent Killer







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Can I enter?
Updated 922 Days ago
I would like to submit , "Rifkas Mega Birthday Party" for your consideration
Updated 965 Days ago
im pretty sure yours is the only contest that has a wwinner tbh
Updated 982 Days ago
Guess what I made a contest like 3 months ago and i think that is what started this XD
Updated 982 Days ago
@MissSmileAlot of course you can write one! Anyone can enter. @Smile Bragging rights B^) I could totally ask Niran if he can give the winner points.
Updated 983 Days ago
what´s the prize tho (^:
Updated 983 Days ago
Can I write one c:
Updated 983 Days ago

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