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Julius and Jess story - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 1037 days ago

At the seaside:
When they were at the seaside, their mum said "Go on, kids go and play."
"Yes! Go on, shoo! get out of my sight or youll know about it." said Ace in a scary voice that would make any person run.
Julius and Jess were both scared but Julius knew he was the oldest and had to act strong. "Um.. we were going to go... anyway." said Julius in a frightened voice. "Go on then before I boot you one! Get them out my sight!" shouted Ace, the stepdad who hates children.
Their mum put her hands on her sons shoulders and said "Julius darling, go and play in the sand with your sister!"
"I know! Go bury her in the sand! Have fun!" said Ace, desperate to get the kids away.
Julius frowned at Ace and his mum and took his sister to play in the sand. "Why dont you bury me in the sand? hehe Itll be fun! said 4-year-old Jess smiling. "Okay! Lets just forget about mum and Ace and just have fun!" said 6-year-old Julius determined to make his sister happy. "Ok then Jess, lay down." she laid down in the sand still smiling. Then julius piled sand on her until she was covered in sand. Jessica laughed, she loved having fun with her older brother. Suddenly, the tide started to come in really fast, like a monster trying to grab them. and the sand around Jess started to harden. Julius said " Come on, Jess lets go, Ill get you out." and he tried to get the solid sand of his sister. He kept on trying then he started to panic, mum had gone of with stupid Ace and there was nobody to help them. Julius kept trying to blink back his tears, he knew he had to stay strong. Jess was just laughing, she just thought it was all a big game! Julius began shouting "Help!!!! My sister is stuck and the tides coming in, help uss please!!" But nobody came. About 5 minutes later, Ace and their mum was back. Julius was crying and yelling " Ace, get her out!" Ace said "Alright!! Pack it in crying and man up." He violently grabbed the sand hardening around Jess and threw it to one side. Jess was finally out and Julius began to smile. Julius hugged his sister Jess, he knew that he would always look after his sister no matter what.

Table of contents:

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Magical dreamer
Hi guys! What do you think? Still a popular book i see? 63 followers.. I still don´t see how..
Updated 548 Days ago
Uk fire fan
This book never gets old. I vote for old days man. Miss yu dreamer x
Updated 647 Days ago
Norman Thundercliffe :)
well done dreamer its told really well :) I also feel flattered about what you wrote in laia ladybirds book ex best friend :) thank you your my best friend aswell well online best friend :)
Updated 834 Days ago
luv it so much!
Updated 867 Days ago
Fakkingu Torasshu~
Updated 872 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Thanks 🍒
Updated 872 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Yeah I drew it 😝
Updated 872 Days ago
Fakkingu Torasshu~
Updated 873 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Thanks guys! :D
Updated 874 Days ago
Sarah Jones 54
omg i love it!!!! and i like the picture to
Updated 874 Days ago
awesome i loved it so much i subscribed
Updated 1002 Days ago
Great story!!!
Updated 1036 Days ago
*Lollic* NEVER COMING BACK* Read the profile
This is a great story!
Updated 1037 Days ago
Team Leo
Awesome story!!
Updated 1037 Days ago
Emm's books
Updated 1037 Days ago
Updated 1037 Days ago

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