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My cat Mackeral - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 1007 days ago

My cat is called Mackeral Moe. We call him Mackeral or sometimes Macky Moe. We got his name because of his coat type. He is a Mackeral tabby and he has stripes on his sides and a big line of black down his back. He also has spots on each side of the line of black. I think he resembles a ladybird. He has greenish eyes and he is friendly. He is nearly 1, Its his birthday soon on the 20th of May. He can be a bit vicious sometimes (espeically with my nanna!) But he is very loving. He is also quite playfull. He has just started going out into the backgarden, He has been neutred so he cant go very far, Hes even been microchipped! He is really, really cute. You wont believe this! We got told that he was a girl when we first got him, so he used to be called Mitzi! Then around December time, My dad found out that he was a boy! I was at my nannas house at the time and I was really shocked to find that out! I was a little bit disapointed at first because I wanted a girl cat, but I,ve grown to love him now and he is my first ever boy cat! I enjoy having a boy cat!
The end. (Sorry this is just a quick description and Im very sorry If my grammar or punctuation Is bad! Im sure that gets a bit annoying!
- Magical Dreamer

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Magical dreamer
Do you think he´s cute? because i think he is adorable!!
Updated 729 Days ago
Magical dreamer
Updated 843 Days ago

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