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Slender Man the Protector - first chapter
Vicent Purpleguy | Published 1075 days ago

I woke up at 5 just like any other week day with a feeling in the depths of my stomach as if I was scared and the sound of static in my ears. I’ve had this feeling since grade school so I brush it off as nothing.  As I went about my daily routine I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched by someone, but when I looked around I didn’t see anything.

It was the same way as I walked myself to school at 7:45. I couldn’t see anything following me. School was no different. Of course, oddly enough I was safe in the bathroom or so that’s how it felt like at the time. It was so strange, having the feeling someone is watching, but never seeing that someone…or something. I decided after school to walk home with my best friend, Dusty, because I was scared to walk home alone.

As we walked home, Dusty said he needed to tie his shoe and for me to go ahead and he’ll catch up later. So, I walked ahead without looking back and went home, but…Dusty never caught up. I figured he went home and brushed it off as nothing but a coincidence; big mistake. Not even an hour after I got home Dusty was found ripped to pieces on the sidewalk with blood and guts everywhere along the street side and in a neighbor’s yard.

After the incident I was immediately questioned about my where abuts, but I had a solid alibi and so they couldn’t pin me for the murder of my best friend; this wasn’t my first time though. After that people looked at me even more as a freak than they already did. Being almost as tall as my own school wasn’t the best, especially when everyone looks at you like a freak, but won’t say it to your face. People always made fun of me behind my back, ever since grade school, but I had some friends and they were very kind to me. I lost most of my friends to unsolved murders and after that, Dusty was my only friend.

It was always the same thing, ripped to pieces by a mysterious tall figure as tall as a full grown pine tree. It was always five blocks from Malard lane, the same position in which the pieces are placed. It was always the same thing, never any different. I decided not to go to school the next day, but after I got back to school I heard a rumor that Dusty was actually coming to my place to kill me because a group of kids told him to. I couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing.

Soon it was Friday and my parents decided it would be nice for a little trip to the woods, it was a place we had never been so they thought it would be a great new place to go, but they couldn’t be more wrong. As we got there, there was a sign says “welcome to slender woods”. The pine trees looked like giant humans that were staring at you. While we walked I kept getting the feeling something was behind the trees watching me. As we set up camp I kept hearing scratching against the trees, but I couldn’t see where it was coming from.

Finally night fell and we went to are tents after a short while, as everything settled down I heard a loud scream from my parents tent and then utter silence. I franticly ran out of my tent to see what happen and right as I got out I saw a mess of body parts, blood and tent fabric, but what I saw next to it was even more terrifying. I saw a tall white man with no face and tentacles coming out of back wearing a tight black suit. He moved to look down at me and in my head I heard a voice that said “come with me and no one will hurt you again.” I thinking that he was going to kill me if I didn’t go with him listened.

I nodded my head and he held out his hand for me to hold, I took his hand and started to walk with him. Soon we got to a mansion that was as tall as the man in the tight black suit who was holding my hand, he let go of my hand and pointed the door before disappearing into the woods again. “Hi, I’m Rosemary.”


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Queen Of Fear
Fantastic story so far! Cannot wait to see how the next chapters come along... Keep it up!
Updated 1071 Days ago

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