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Kids vs. Aliens - first chapter
AnonymousWhy | Published 1014 days ago

The Alien Side

Kato was ready; he

had everything he needed to launch the comets. Captain, were  ready, Kato said. The captain came over, and walked off, grinning.  Kato didnt want to launch the comets, unlike everybody else. The comets held half of the very large alien military. He had read plenty of stories and books about humans.  After all the reading, Kato became very interested in humans. Sadly, he had no say, like most things.   Kato went about his business, thinking about how miserable his life was.


I really wish people just wouldnt  believe the news. Im not saying the news isnt true, its just that, well, I cant really explain it.  I wonder if the what the news is saying is true or not. I think about this throughout the day until I get home from school. Then the real questioning begins.


I was very surprised by the news. I hope this all goes away very soon, but in my mind, I knew it wouldnt. My first thought was to hide. But, before I could, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.  It was Melissa, my 5 year-old sister. What do you want,  I asked grumpily. She replied, Will you protect me from the aliens? I could easily tell that she was watching the news with me, which is weird, because she often says the news is boring. I answered Why wouldnt I? Melissa wandered off relieved, while I thought of a good hiding spot. When I was just about to go upstairs, I heard the sound of my mom whispering to me Danny, come here.

My mom doesnt normally whisper, but I didnt spend much time thinking about it. Danny, can you watch Melissa for me while I go out for a bit. Its too dangerous to go out I responded. I really didnt want her to go. She had to know how dangerous it was to go out. Well, if she watched the news. I know its dangerous, but I promise Ill be back soon, just watch Melissa. Mom said. I knew that she wasnt going to change her mind. So I did what I was told and went upstairs to Melissas bedroom. It starts getting sort of strange now, because Melissa was nowhere to be found.

Table of contents:

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