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Craters: Equilibrium - first chapter
Feral | Published 781 days ago

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Kane had looked forward to this day, the day he will take the entrance test to enroll in Craters Battle Academy, to be trained as one of the warlocks that had protected the Grand city of Lufein from the dangers beyond Auro’s Gate, the dangerous mountain range that is separating the main land from the unexplored wastelands of the North.

           Swiping away the golden locks of hair from his turquoise eyes, he smiled to himself. He washed himself and put on his plain white shirt and black pants, hiding the shirt under a fur collared black coat, his prized luxury, to match his black pants. Staring at the mirror, he laughed softly to himself. “You finally did it, Kane, you have finally reached sixteen.” he said, pulling on his black fingerless cloth gloves. 

           He opened one of the drawers below the mirror and took out a common hunting knife, looked proudly at it, tested a few swings and stabs with it before he put it back in its small sheathe and keeping it in one of the pockets on the inside of his black coat.

           The other orphans at Oaken Orphanage cheered as Kane made his way to the main entrance. He looked around for Raina, he wanted to tell her that he will come back as soon as possible, but she is nowhere to be seen. This could mean his last day at the orphanage, the orphanage that had been looking after him for the past twelve years after he was found. Kane bade goodbye and went down the forest path that leads to Craters Academy.

           Craters Battle Academy is a highly advanced school, both in technology and in magic. Every year, they will send a group of Warlocks to seek out children with a natural talent with magic across the land. They came to Oaken Orphanage four years ago and picked Kane out of the rest. Some who are not chosen might enroll in other, lesser, battle academies.

           As Kane approached the massive gates along with a few other ones that he met along the way, he felt a bit nervous. This is far different than hunting rabbits in the forest. He walked under the great arc that supported the tunnel, he felt small compared to the size of the tunnel. The tunnel is wide enough to let ten full-grown men pass through easily shoulder to shoulder without bumping into each other. It is so tall that even if Kane grew twenty times in height, he would still be able to walk through the tunnel without any problems.

           The Academy Gardens stood at the end of the tunnel, but something today made it different from any other day of the year. The gardens are filled with animals of different kinds, but few enough to not block the newcomers’ way to the academy.

           Kane walked past the animals, who seemed to pay no notice to him. The animals are staring at the entrance tunnel, as if waiting for someone’s arrival, which is not Kane’s. Kane kept on walking, following the path that cut through the crowd of animals. He heard a flutter of wings and turned around, he saw a black bird about the size of a full grown eagle flying towards him. The bird has red-tipped dark feathers and has massive wings. It landed gracefully before Kane’s feet, its deep blue eyes staring into Kane’s blue eyes. Kane could feel a bond forming between the bird and him as time passed.

He slowly reached out his hand straight, opening it with his palm facing the ground, inviting the bird to perch on his shoulder. The bird let out a chirp and with a flap of its great black wings, it flew up to his shoulder. The bird is heavier than Kane expected, as he nearly stumbled on his side.

He reached the end of the garden, where there is an open door with a man in green cloak standing beside it. The man had a snake coiled around his shoulders. He looked at Kane as he passed.

“Ah,” the man smiled at Kane, “that’s a fine familiar you got there.”

“May I know what kind of bird this is?” Kane asked. “I have never seen one of them before.” he said, stroking the bird’s feathers.

“The animals here are different from the ones you see outside the academy.” the man waved his hand over Kane’s head, referring to the other animals in the garden. “You see, these animals are born with exceptionally powerful magic flowing in their veins. What you got there is a very rare familiar indeed. It is called a Black Phoenix, hard to come by, even harder to bond with. You must be quite a Warlock to be chosen by this familiar.” he ushered Kane through the door. “Go on, Craters awaits.”

Going through the massive doors, Kane was amazed by what he saw beyond the door. People of his age showed up in hundreds. Each with their own unique animal familiars. He is lost in the massive crowd till a female voice caught his ears.

“Dawn! Come back!” the voice said and Kane felt something furry brushed past his legs. “Watch out!” the voice called out again. The next thing Kane knew, he is sprawled on the floor, his familiar standing on the floor. Turning around to see who knocked him over, he saw a girl lying on the floor beside him, groaning.

The girl is golden haired like his, and hidden behind the golden locks of hair, lies the prettiest face Kane has ever seen. Light blue eyes, complimented by her angelic face. She wore a sea-blue coat with a grey singlet underneath. She had a necklace but Kane is unable to see it because it is tucked under her singlet, revealing only the chain. Other than the necklace, she wore no accessories.

The girl stood up, rubbing her elbows. “I am so sorry, my familiar saw a bunny outside and went after it.” She said and Kane felt a furry animal brush past him again. It is a young wolf cub, around the age of four months, with grey and white fur, with eyes so adorable that anyone would have wanted to hug this small creature once they laid eyes upon it. “Are you here for the exam too?”

She smiled as Kane returned her a nod. “My name is Lyra, what’s yours?”

“Kane” he answered. Just as he finished his sentence, Lyra grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him to his feet. Kane was too surprised at the moment to do anything.

“Come on! The exam is about to start!” she said and led him across the hall, never once stopping to ask for directions, she seemed to know this place well by heart.

Lyra dragged him to a great hall with a round platform in the center of it, surrounded by five different relics, each representing one of the five primal elements. One is a white feather, representing the element Air, a smooth black rock represents the element Earth, a globe of molten lava represents Fire, a goblet filled with shimmering liquid Water, the last is a sparking metal, which represents the fifth element Lightning.

           “We are going to stand on that platform one by one and our respective elements will light up. The brighter a relic glows, the higher your affinity with the element.” she explained. “Hmm… today the relics are a bit brighter than usual…..”

           It was not long before Lyra got called up to the platform, she stepped onto the circular platform and two relics lighted up steadily. An announcer announced the results. “Lyra Zephirion. Element of Lightning and Water. You may now proceed to the next phase.” Lyra moved to the side of the platform and picked up a magic bracelet from the table beside the platform.

This is the moment where you would not want to mess up with, Kane remembered from what Lyra told him when she is waiting for her name to be called. The moment the whole academy will assess your magical powers.

           The bracelet intercepts the magic flowing through your veins, changing it into electrical energy that powers the shield generator beneath the great monolith, which is located at the far end of the hall where everyone present can see. The shield generator will be able to lift the monolith based on your magic. The stronger is your magic, the more energy is supplied to the generator. Those who generated enough to lift it just by five inches is enough to be hailed as a powerful warlock, the highest ever recorded being eight inches. Those picked to join Craters Entrance Test usually lifted it around three to four inches, five to six being less common.

           Lyra strapped the bracelet around her arm and the school fell silent as the monolith steadily rose from the shield generator. It rose with a deep groan as its weight fought against the runes engraved on it to keep it upright. It stopped at last, quite a few inches off the shield generator.

A man in purple robes, robes enchanted to allow the user to pass through the shield, walked over to the monolith with a foot rule. He knelt beside the monolith to measure how tall it was lifted. He got the results and stood up, “Lyra Zephirion, seven and half inches.”

Though the man stood up straight, the monolith is still towering over him. A murmur rippled across the audience as the result is announced. Lyra took off the bracelet with a smile on her face, and the monolith hit the ground with a loud thud, and walked off the platform proudly to the second exit opposite where they entered, joining the other people who took the test. The audience, almost immediately, started talking.

The next few are far from Lyra’s record, being only able to lift it between four and five inches.

“Next is Kane Erzalos. Please step onto the platform.” the announcer spoke over an amplifier.

Kane walked out towards the platform, and the whole hall fell silent. Why? Because one of the relics is already glowing brightly, as soon as Kane walked out into the open. The metal orb is sparking violently, glowing even brighter with each step Kane took towards the platform. A second relic, the black rock, lighted up when Kane was just two paces from the side of the platform. When he reached the center of the platform, the metal orb is so bright that the hall could no longer see the shiny surface of the orb.

“Kane Erzalos.” the announcer tried to hide his amazement without success, “Element of Lightning and Earth. You… may proceed now.”

Kane walked over to the table, the relics remained glowing even as he left the platform, where Lyra left the bracelet and strapped it to his arm like the way he saw Lyra did. The Monolith shot past the first few inches in a matter of seconds and continued its ascent in a slower, but still steady pace. The monolith’s ascent seemed to take longer than expected, rising higher than the others could have ever imagined. It is lifted off the ground high enough that even the audience could clearly see the gap between the monolith and the ground when it finally stopped moving.

The warlock in purple robes approached the levitating monolith to receive the result. He stopped midstride and stared at a gap for quite a while, eyes slightly widened, before leaving to where he came from. He returned with another ruler and confusion rippled across the hall. The results are definitely not expected by everyone here in the hall.

Fortunately two rulers are enough to measure the height. He stood up and spoke, “Kane Erzalos…... one foot and two inches…… the highest ever recorded in Craters history.” as soon as he said it, Kane’s familiar let out a screech, spanning its wings to full length.

Whispers are heard across the hall, before them is a sight to behold. Relics shone bright enough to light up the hall on their own and the monolith floating higher than the academy’s best warlocks could ever manage. “Silence please.” the warlock who had been watching Kane beside the announcer raised his hand and the hall returned to silence as he wanted. The warlock wore a white cloak with a golden sash tied around his waist, he seemed to be someone of high importance. “Kane, you may proceed down the corridor now.” said the white warlock after the hall is silent.

Kane took off the bracelet and the monolith came crashing down, sending vibrations across the hall as it made contact with the ground. He left the platform and the glow soon faded as he made his way towards the corridor.

The other people in the corridor stood aside to let him pass, all but Lyra. She is waiting for Kane at the end of the crowd. Kane walked through the crowd, nervous with so many pairs of eyes following his every move. He hastened his footsteps and went by the crowd in silence, never stopping around to look around.

“Kane!” Lyra called out to him after he came out of the crowd. “I didn’t know that you are so powerful!” she exclaimed.

“I didn’t know either.” he replied.

“You’re the strongest warlock in the academy! Can you believe it?”

“No.” he shook his head. “I don’t.”

“Say,” Lyra noticed Kane’s familiar. “Nice bird you have there, what’s its name?”

“I have not given it one yet.”

“What?” her smile faded, replaced by an expression between shock and amusement, “It is still nameless? You do know that names have power right? It’s like the third rule of magic!”

As a matter of fact, Kane knew nothing about magic. “I don’t know anything about magic or their rules.”

“You have never learned magic before?” she exclaimed, leading Kane out of the crowded corridor and into the Circle, the center of Craters Battle Academy. It have eight exits, each leading to a different department of the academy. “But you still have to give it a name, Kane.”

“What do you want me to call you, black phoenix?” he stroked the bird’s feathers. It let out a chirp and took flight towards the garden. “Let’s follow it, I think that it is going to show us something.”

The bird led them to a patch of soil under a big tree, where there is little to no grass. The bird stood there waiting for them to come.

“What is it you want to show us?” Lyra asked.

The bird replied with a soft chirp and started scratching the ground. But then the alarms blared all around the school. “We are under attack! Quick, back inside!” Lyra ushered Kane back into the school, but it is too late.

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I love it! It reminds me a little of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson for some reason.
Updated 292 Days ago
I like the new cover.
Updated 498 Days ago
i read this book like twice...its so good
Updated 503 Days ago
Updated 587 Days ago
This is a really good book!
Updated 588 Days ago
Thank You! This book is still ongoing, so subscribe to be notified of further updates!
Updated 592 Days ago
love it MEW
Updated 593 Days ago
Thanks Lalli! Actually ive been working on it for three months. Updating soon! XD
Updated 778 Days ago
*Lollic* NEVER COMING BACK* Read the profile
Wow! This is great. , you probably have a bunch of writing exp. Me, not so much but I love reading. Good Luck on writing future stories.. and I mean it!
Updated 778 Days ago

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